One Introduces ‘Seamless WiFi Connectivity’

September 17, 2018

One Communications today [Sept 17] announced the launch of its OneHome WiFi service, saying that “this new, technological innovation promises to resolve long-standing WiFi coverage issues experienced in homes across Bermuda.”

“WiFi is an important part of everyday life, and to have multiple connected devices in a single household is now very common. The frustration begins when those devices are used in remote areas of the home away from the modem, where signals weaken,” said One Communications’ Chief Commercial Officer, Brian Lonergan.

OneHome WiFi Bermuda Sept 2018

“Until now, internet service providers were responsible for delivering internet speeds to a customer’s modem, but without an effective way to go any further.

“The size of a home, the number of levels, and other obstructions have never been properly addressed. OneHome WiFi, a ‘first’ for residents in Bermuda, promises to blanket a customer’s entire home with the internet, offering a strong, seamless internet connection.

“Customers will also be happy to know that our technicians are now able to assist with troubleshooting their WiFi queries over the phone – no truck rolls required.”

The telecommunications company said they “partnered with WiFi mesh technology experts, eero, to ensure a top grade product and service was readily available to the Island’s residents.”

“The simplicity of the new service is evident from the start. Its easy setup and installation process is guided by a user friendly app. Download the eero app to a smartphone or tablet, and follow the step by step instructions provided on-screen. Within a few minutes the system is ready to use.

eero Gateway and Beacons Bermuda Sept 2018

“Designed as a subscription service, customers can sign-up for OneHome WiFi at any of the 3 retail stores across the island: Hamilton flagship store on Church Street, St. George’s, and at the Heron Bay Marketplace in Southampton,” One said.

“The modest service fee is $20 per month – with the First Month Free – providing customers with WiFi they won’t have to think about, simply enjoy, from anywhere in and around their home.”

More information about the product and support can be found here.

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  1. hmmm says:

    Sooooo you are selling wifi range extenders lol. Amazon sells them for $25. I use them on your modem you installed and my entire house gets it. The only downside about my WIFI is that I pay for 20MBps and you only give me 8MBps (yes this was the case prior to getting range extenders).

    • Rick says:

      Nope, eero is a mesh wifi system. All three are routers that connect wirelessly. They “broadcast ” the same speed. Extenders kill your speeds.

      • Anbu says:

        If your main connection is garbage to begin with it makes no difference if u have nasa computers running your wifi network. “Mesh” is still an extension of your signal, they just self repair, ie reset themselves when a fault is detected vs u having to unplug ur modem to reset. You still need “beacons” to achive full coverage so they r basically more efficient extenders. Nobody should be renting this stuff tho. Go get your own and save money. Alot of it

  2. Lisa says:

    I’ve got this in place in my house using the Google wifi system. Connects wirelessly to my modem and the power and my signal is great. Would much rather buy the Google wifi connectors and not pay over and over and over again with more service charges from ONE. Sadly you’ve taken far too long to come up with a solution ONE, so many of us have already found a better one.

  3. Me says:

    They just keep trying to milk the same cow that we pay through the nose for ,money for old rope

  4. Imjustsaying says:

    More stronger signals to bake you even faster.

  5. Biggadon says:

    this should be free to your customers at a one time purchase price….not some monthly charge….you have got to do better OneComm… should be OFFERING these gadgets to satisfy your customers not fleece them…smh !

  6. sunny says:

    Ive been using that system for 25yrs, Sorry ONECOMM, Apple was already out. Airport Express. And, don’t have to pay the fee of $20 a month, witch sounds ridiculous.

  7. Anbu says:

    Well one comm, howz about you give us a powerful enough modem/router to begin with?! That would be a start. These “new” fancy hitrons you gave us barely broadcast wireless signal out of the same room let alone a household. How the hell u gonna give us speeds of “up to” 200 meg and then the device that provides it cant even push out a wifi signal as far as the average room size? Then have the nerve to tell us we have to pay to increase your crappy signal. Lmao. You guys got jokes. People…….. do not buy into this. You can purchase your own and save a fortune.

  8. WHAT? says:

    This company is ridiculous. Instead of fixing their terrible service they just want to overcharge us for wifi extenders? I’m sick of them!!!!!

    • Rick says:

      eero are not extenders. It is a wifi mesh system.

      • Anbu says:

        Its an extender for all intensive purposes. Still has to be communicating with your main hub ie modem/router. Yes, mesh is a much better option for bermy esp cause of our concrete situation but to try to get someone to rent it is insane. These companies really have no shame. Buy it once yourself outright and pay a “PROPER” technician to install it for u. One cant fix its own problems with its own techs, hell if ill let them manage my entire network. Bad enough i have to pay for their trash signal as it is.