BSoA Opening Exhibitions On November 26

November 17, 2021

The Bermuda Society of Arts [BSoA] is inviting the public to attend the opening exhibitions of six local artists on November 26.

A spokesperson said, “The opening exhibitions of six local artists in six individual showcases and one great show.

“Gallery Director Nzingha Ming is excited to invite the public to visit BSoA, which is located at 17 Church Street, inside City Hall on the top floor to the opening exhibition. We have the pleasure of having six really great artists’ exhibitions at a great time before the big holiday rush, but just in time to usher in the holiday and visiting season.

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“Onions Gallery will feature the works of artist Michaela Antoinette, a self-taught Bermudian born visionary artist and former Barrister and Attorney.

“She has completed the process of creating 12 works collectively entitled ‘The Infinity Collection.’ This body of work is professional quality acrylics and mixed media on canvas. Some works glow in the dark, containing genuine 23k gold leaf or resin. The entire collection is augmented with Artivive technology, which brings the art to life wherever the piece hangs on the wall or any still image of the piece through this special application.

“She debuted this unique and groundbreaking technique in 2019 with her Charman Prize entry. The 6” x 5ft work, ‘The Paradox of Free Will’ is now part of Mr. John Charman’s private collection. This art technique is a first for Bermuda’s art scene. Mystic visionary art and augmented reality fine art are ways to bring excitement and inspiration to the community.

“This collection series is an outward depiction of Michaela’s inward spiritual healing journey. She hopes to connect with the viewers in a deeply moving and personal way. Michaela has begun the creation of [Part 2] of The Infinity Collection and plans to share the works with Bermuda once completed.

“The Onions gallery also features a separate show by artist Amanda Temple, who works in photography and fine arts. She will be presenting ‘Verdigris,’ a labour of love that includes works in mixed media including gold, silver and copper leaf.

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“Edinburgh gallery will feature artist Carmen Domarco. Carmen’s show is entitled ‘Lucid Dreaming,’ inspired by the intense colours of the ocean and flora, coral, plants and flowers. The story of Bermuda’s origins, coral growth over undersea volcanic rock, emerging above the surface as a fertile garden, supporting new forms of terrestrial life.

“Studios A and B will be the exhibition by artist Liz Andrade Arnold, ‘Who Gives a Dot!’ featuring whimsical fine art, using mixed media techniques that lends itself to the art of restoration. There is a sense of the old world combined with influences from modern art masters.

“Studio C will host artist and part-time art teacher Louisa Birmingham, who will showcase ‘Sight for Sore Eyes’ with an array of original works of fine art which are vibrant, fun and delightful.

“Emerging artist Jane Marsh in Studio D works primarily in acrylics on canvas. Her lifelong fascination with bold colour has been heightened whilst living in Bermuda. Inspired by the spontaneous realism work of Voka, she decided to combine the dynamic force of colour with facial abstraction, blurring the edges of our perception of human nature. She creates contemporary works for the new era of modern art.”

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