More Signatures On Petition Supporting Dr Weldon

January 15, 2022

In the last 24 hours, hundreds of new signatures have appeared on the online petition showing support for Dr. Carika Weldon, which now has over 7,700 signatures.

The petition was initially launched back in the summer of 2020,  and asked people to sign to show “support for Dr. Carika Weldon and all that she has done for her country.”

Following her resignation from her position as the Government’s Science Advisor & MDL Laboratory Director, the petition regained attention, and has a steady stream of new signatures appearing, with over 300 new signatures since yesterday evening and new signatures continuing to appear as of this writing.

Dr Weldon’s last day will be on January 31, 2022.

Dr Carika Weldon Bermuda July 2020


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  1. brains vs arrogance says:

    i will listen to Dr Weldon way before i listen or re gain any respect for the premier or minister of health. They have shown their utter arrogance and “better than thou” attitude now. For along time I thought they and govt in general were doing a good job now i see they are blind and apparently deaf. mTheir time is running out

  2. had all my jabs and booster says:

    This Lady deserves a Medal from Buckingham Palace for all she has done for Bermuda’s People.

  3. Dame Weldon says:

    This talented Bermudian has kept so many of us safe. She established a testing regime from the ground up, and without asking for astronomical compensation. Dr. Weldon should be recognized on the same level as Miss Flora Duffy – both are leaders in their fields, have bolstered Bermuda’s reputation internationally and have given of themselves selflessly. Dame Weldon sounds right to me.

    As for the government’s narrative surrounding her departure, I have only this to say – I will NEVER vote for the PLP again – NEVER. Your comments were beyond disgraceful and could have minimized all the great work Dr. Weldon completed. Luckily, this minimization will not happen because most of us have sense, and know how fortunate we were to have had her services.

    • AkhenAton says:

      Voting for a party has never been beneficial to anyone, it only controls you.

      Let’s make it clear, what more important? Someone competing on the World stage or someone taking care of the people in the country?

  4. Watching says:

    No disrespect to anyone but this petition was actually circulated over a year ago when Dr Weldon was being disrespected by many and it was the government who actually was her chief support.

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    No disrespect to Dr Weldon. She is a much more credible person than the deceitful Burt or the Minister without papers infront of her, but the petition is a year old & not relevant to the events leading to her resignation.

    If the promoters of this rejuvenated petition really want to make a difference & be heard, start a petition demanding the removal of Burt & his cabal from office.

    See how much traction that gets.

    • watching says:

      And replace them with who?


      Dr Weldon has done well, and the Government has done well. There have been missteps everywhere during this pandemic. It is unfortunate everyone is now trying to ride the wave of government vs Weldon.

      • saud says:

        Your government is a failure. Insisting that they’ve ‘done well’ is disingenuous and hypocritical. You have absolutely no credibility. You’re a troll and a horrible Bermudian.

  6. Vote for Me says:

    The current renewed emphasis on the petition should be in the context of government support. Remember that the original petition was started in conjunction with the government showing substantial support for Dr. Weldon.

    The Bermuda Government, led by Premier Burt is the reason why Dr. Weldon was able to achieve so much in Bermuda. Going against the tide of many health professionals in Bermuda, the government provided the lab and employed Dr. Weldon for a substantial period. They were so satisfied with her work and performance that a purpose built lab was provided and her contract was renewed.

    Adding to those comments, the Premier also stated this week that Bermuda cannnot thank Dr. Weldon enough for what she has done for Bermuda in dealing with Covid.

    Lets be sure that our comments reflect the facts. Bermuda and the Government are entirely satisfied with what Dr. Weldon has done and rep;lacing her will not be easy.

  7. Darrell Wadson says:

    Science is the only answer. Your qualifications and hard-earned position in the world of science cannot be eroded through hearsay. Your dedication be hard to replace.

    Thank you again Dr. Weldon for all that you’ve done to keep our Bermuda safe.

  8. Joe Bloggs says:

    Sadly, our Premier’s treatment of Dr. Weldon is typical of the authoritarian rule to our east and our west. Under Trump, Dr. Fauci was variously ignored and ridiculed. To our east, Prof. Witty has recently been told that his advice to the public should follow Government (i.e. Conservative Party) advice.

    There is no place in the modern political landscape for independent thinkers or people who just want to do good without any ulterior motive. Such people expose politicians for what the are.