James & Radford Crash With Other Skaters

February 6, 2022

Vanessa James and Eric Radford were involved in a crash with another figure skating couple during a practice session at the 2022 Winter Olympics in China, according to the NBC Olympics website.

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The story said, “Sports can be dangerous, ice can be slippery, and not much good can come from four elite athletes heading toward each other at high speeds and on sharp blades.

“So it wasn’t all that surprising when Canada’s pairs figure skating team of Vanessa James and Eric Radford crashed with Italians Nicole Della Monica and Matteo Guarise during a practice session Sunday afternoon at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Screenshot via NBC:

Figure Skating Bermuda Feb 6 2022

“Della Monica saw it coming and skated out of the way, while Radford, holding James, collided with Guarise, who rose immediately and then helped Radford to his feet.

“James suffered the most from her impact to the ice and Radford falling on top of her. Four medical staff members tended to the now four-time Olympian, who was able to walk off the ice by herself though clearly in pain.”

“As it turns out, this isn’t even the first collision this week between these two pairs. NBC learned from figure skating reporter Jackie Wong, who is on the ground at these Games, that the same athletes had a mishap during a practice session a couple days prior. The first time, though, it was Della Monica and Radford who took that one the hardest.”

The ISU graphic featuring Vanessa James and Eric Radford

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Vanessa James — whose father is Bermudian and lived on the island when she was young — recently told Bernews, “I love Bermy, I have my grandparents and my cousins and everyone cheering for me in Bermuda,” she said. It’s a piece of me; I grew up in Bermuda, my childhood is in Bermuda. I’ll never forget that.”

Read the full story here on NBCOlympics.com.

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  1. Maggie says:

    Why has this Italian team not been disqualified? At this point it seems that their behavior is intended to deliberately disable Vanessa.

    • J Casselman says:

      Seriously???? Obviously you know nothing about pairs skating or ice dance for that matter. With several teams on the ice at the same time, practicing elements or step sequences, all skaters are continually scanning for other teams. Because of the nature of the sport, however, accidents can and do occur. No-one is targeted! In any accidental collision any of the skaters involved could potentially be seriously injured. No-one would engineer a collision on purpose! I’m just thankful nobody involved seems to have suffered extremely serious injury. These skaters all are familiar with skating through pain.

    • Lois B Hunter says:

      this is too much. If it was Morgan Cipres this would not be happening.

    • Jen says:

      A video of the incident demonstrated that the crash happened while the Italien team was doing a run through of their program. People in the world of skating all know that when there is a program running they have the right of way.

  2. Alexa says:

    The article says the first time they crashed, it was Della Monica and Radford who took it the hardest; so how can you say only Vanessa James was being targeted? These crashes or near-misses have happened before. I guess that’s what happens when several skaters or skater pairs are practicing at the same time.

  3. Luca says:

    As a figure skater myself I believe that if we had to put the fault of the accident on someone it should go to the pair who were going forwards. Not the pair who was skating backwards. It’s common knowledge that when you share the ice with other skaters and are doing a spin, backwards jump, or a step sequence where you have limited visuals on other skaters it’s the responsibility of the skaters who can see clearly to get out of your way. It’s literally common courtesy that on any freestyle, practice, or private shared session that you follow this “rule” because it helps ensure the safety of everyone on the ice. Crashes like this happen though and to be perfectly honest I think everyone is getting worked up over literally nothing. Nobody is sabotaging anyone here. It was an accident.

  4. Maggie says:


    Crashes with this particular team have occurred before, beginning with the last
    Olympic appearance when Vanessa skated for France. It alway’s happenes right before a major performance. This year it happens again, twice. Something is really wrong here. And why do they seem to only find Vanessa for such unfortunate ‘accidents’. This incident needs to be investigated.

  5. LOL (original) says:

    Could this just be an accident? Or does it have to be that this was intentional? Investigate sure but leave the preconceived judgments until after all you will do is turn the temp up.

    LOL I think any athlete that went should undergo health and body scans before being let back into their home country. Also the Olympic village is 15 minutes away from detention centers. Where interesting things can happen to you if you are a Qigong practitioner or if you have a religion. But ya lets worry about this accident that should be investigated over ongoing tyranny.

  6. Jimmydharmon says:

    Just stay out of everybody else’s way accidents happen it’s like motocross racing you don’t have an accident somewhere later