Garden Club Supports St George’s Foundation

March 14, 2022

The Garden Club of Bermuda recently donated $10,000 to the St. George’s Foundation for the expansion of their education program, the clearing of invasive species, and signage.

Carol Sims, GC 100th Anniversary Co-Chair – Peter Barrett, Treasurer of the St. George’s Foundation – Rosemary Holmes, GC 100th Anniversary Co-Chair seating on one of the donated benches: Francine Trott, Forts Manager, Department of Parks

St George's Foundation Bermuda March 2022

A spokesperson said, “Ferry Point Park covers 64 acres, is home to at least 11 cultural, historical and natural assets and is part of Bermuda’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. The St. George’s Foundation has begun a restoration project for the fortifications in the park, run under a memorandum of understanding with the Department of Parks and Ministry of Public Works.

“The restoration of the Gunpowder Magazine is underway and, by engaging with partners and volunteers, invasive foliage at Ferry Island Fort cleared away. The St. George’s Foundation’s intent is to utilize Ferry Point Park as a classroom teaching history, architecture, geography and natural science.

“All these initiatives stem from the charitable mandate of the St. George’s Foundation, which is to support the UNESCO World Heritage Site through education, awareness and collaboration with those stakeholders as detailed in the most recent World Heritage Site Management Plan.

Gunpowder Magazine

Gunpowder Magazine Bermuda March 2022

“The Garden Club of Bermuda donated $10,000 to the St. George’s Foundation for the expansion of their education program, the clearing of invasive species and signage. Their education program involves all disciplines necessary for the preservation and conservation of these assets.

“In addition, the Garden Club has donated two benches, one overlooking the beautiful vista towards Castle Harbour and the second facing Lover’s Lake which is an inland marine pond and a natural habitat for wildlife, harbouring killifish which in turn attracts green herons.

Ferry Island Fort

Ferry Island Fort After Bermuda March 2022

“Forts Manager of the Department of Parks Francine Trott said she is excited by the work taking place at Ferry Point Park thanks to the partnership with the St. George’s Foundation and the donation of funds and benches from the Garden Club of Bermuda.”

Ms. Trott said, “Our UNESCO designated forts and parklands are an essential part of the island’s culture and environment. It is important they are cared for and appreciated.”

Martello Tower

Martello Tower Bermuda March 2022

Board member and head of the Foundation’s Preservation and Working Group Peter Barrett said, “Work completed at the park will enable us to utilize it as our living classroom as we move forward with our education program and launch our summer camp in July of this year. I would like to thank the Department of Parks and the Garden Club of Bermuda for their support, as well as our members, donors, volunteers and collaborators who made this journey a success. The Foundation will turn its attention to other heritage sites, including Fort Victoria and Fort Albert, which are in need of urgent care”.

The spokesperson said, “Ferry Point Park, with its forts, railway trails, military fortifications, Whale Bone Bay, yellow fever cemeteries, nature reserve and limekiln is an expansive property well worth a visit.”

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