“Legislation Will Take Effect Directly In Our OTs”

March 2, 2022

The legislation regarding various sanctions placed on Russia due to their invasion of Ukraine “will take effect directly in our Overseas Territories as well,” Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon said during yesterday’s session of British Parliament.

MP Stephen Doughty  asked “how these measures will apply to the British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies. Will they be effective immediately in those territories or will we, or they, have to pass additional measures? We do not want a lag effect of days in those jurisdictions,” while Lord Teverson asked if “the Minister having sufficient conversations with our Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies to make sure that none of our financial sanctions is bypassed in any way?”

In response, Minister of State, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon — who visited Bermuda back in 2019 – said, “The legislation will take effect directly in our OTs as well. Of course, my right honourable friend Amanda Milling, the Minister with responsibility for the overseas territories, is dealing directly with the OTs on this.”

Yesterday Premier David Burt noted the same, saying: “In response to the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, many countries including the United Kingdom, have introduced a wide range of sanctions against the Russian Federation. Once implemented, UK sanctions are applicable in Bermuda as an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom.

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  1. Yayayaya says:

    I’m sure a bunch of you know… But I’ll bet most of you don’t.. is that all of Aeroflot’s non-domestic fleet is registered out of Bermuda. We lot do nicely out of them!

  2. puzzled says:

    Head up a^&

  3. Yayaya says:

    You all do know that Aeroflot’s non domestic fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft are registered in Bermuda. We lot do nicely out of them!

  4. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Once implemented, UK sanctions are applicable in Bermuda as an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom.”

    Brilliant! Our Premier is NOT taking any responsibility for Bermuda’s objection to the Russian invasion of Ukraine or the slaughter of thousand or Ukrainian citizens!

  5. Warren Cabral says:

    Does this mean that the Bermuda Registry of Shipping will remove the Bermuda flagging from Russian owned yachts and ships? Such yachts are often owned by companies incorporated in Bermuda and the BMA will know who the owners are. De-flagging Russian vessels will help slow the removal of valuable assets from Western jurisdictions. Loss of wealth will concentrate the minds of the Russian elite who keep Putin in power.