“Working Closely With The Overseas Territories”

March 1, 2022

As the world continues to levy sanctions against Russia, UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said she is ”working closely with the Overseas Territories to make sure that Putin’s oligarchs have nowhere to hide.”

Speaking during yesterday’s session in UK Parliament, Plaid Cymru MP Liz Saville-Roberts said, “I welcome BP’s decision to divest from Rosneft after I raised the issue with the Prime Minister last week. International sanctions now include Russia’s civilian aircraft fleet. The UK has a part to play in their enforcement because, as of yesterday, 713 leased Russian aircraft are registered in Bermuda, a British overseas territory.

“For far too long, weak UK regulation of Londongrad and tax haven overseas territories has enabled Putin’s regime. What discussions has the right hon. Lady had with the British Overseas Territories to ensure the immediate and effective implementation of UK sanctions against Russia?”

Minister for Women and Equalities, Foreign Secretary, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Elizabeth Truss said, “Like the right hon. Lady, I welcome BP’s divestment. We are working closely with the overseas territories to make sure that Putin’s oligarchs have nowhere to hide.”

In a statement yesterday, the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority [BCAA] said “the Authority within the framework of its aviation legislation is continuing to carefully review all sanctions in coordination with other stakeholders, including the Governor of Bermuda and the Ministry of Transport for the Government of Bermuda.

“The BCAA will ensure that the Authority and the relevant entities which it regulates, are in full compliance with any applicable sanctions now and moving forward. Bermuda, as an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom, is regulated by the UK Department for Transport and operates as part of the International Civil Aviation Organization [ICAO].”

The Bermuda Government’s website — which is being regularly updated with a link to the latest sanctions on Russia — notes, “The international sanctions in force in Bermuda are essentially the same as those in the UK and the UK HM Treasury [Treasury] maintains a Consolidated List of individuals and entities subject to financial sanctions.”

Countries around the world are imposing what are often described as an unprecedented level of sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, and many nations are also barring Russian flights from their airspace.

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  1. Kathy says:

    What about London City’s onshore regime. London is the worst offender. Look in your own back yard.

  2. Susan Brien says:

    Since Putin led his people to war murdering women and children the rules have changed.
    It’s about the future and peace in the world.
    London Will as always do it’s bit for peace.
    The Bermuda I once knew was equally brave and I am
    Sure still is.
    Putin will lose, but only if we all pull together as one team
    I support of the people of Ukraine.
    Thank you.