Nonprofit Alliance Workforce Survey Launches

March 18, 2022

The Nonprofit Alliance of Bermuda has launched a survey of nonprofit employment practices in Bermuda.

A spokesperson said, “The survey will capture much needed data in the areas of workforce demographics and compensation packages. The survey is open until Monday March 28th at 12pm. Any nonprofit with salaried or paid staff is encouraged to complete the survey to ensure the most accurate data. The survey can be accessed at or by emailing

“The purpose of the survey is to collect and report on data that will help nonprofit boards to develop their employment practices in alignment with industry standard practice; provide nonprofit staff with information that allows them to better negotiate their compensation packages; and give the nonprofit sector a better understanding of its workforce, including a snapshot of the sectors’ diversity, experience and qualifications. The survey is sponsored by IAC and administered by Narrative Research Bermuda.”

Dr. Kendra-Lee Pearman, Executive Director of The Reading Clinic and Nonprofit Alliance working group member stated “Employees in the nonprofit arena are dedicated professionals who are passionate about the work that they do and the contributions that they make. This survey will help to ensure there is alignment across the sector. “

Ann Spencer-Arscott, Executive Director of The Bermuda Red Cross and Nonprofit Alliance working group member stated, “The importance of participating in the survey and receiving the results allows nonprofits to look at the data to ensure that they are being fair in their compensation and benefits packages for their staff. Nonprofits are held to a very high standard and are accountable to many stakeholders. With this kind of scrutiny, nonprofits have to ensure they are compensating their employees at comparable rates within the nonprofit sector, which is what comes out of this workforce survey.”

A spokesperson added. “The Nonprofit Alliance is a group of nonprofit leaders committed to working collectively to improve the impact of nonprofits and champion their value in the community. Its goal is to foster nonprofit leader collaboration by building and strengthening nonprofit partnerships and increasing nonprofit sector and system awareness. The collective group is facilitated by IAC, Bermuda only social sector capacity building nonprofit. To learn more about the Nonprofit Alliance, visit”

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