Video: Leilanni Nesbeth After Team’s 6-0 Win

April 13, 2022 | 0 Comments

Following her three goal performance in the Bermuda Women’s Football National Team’s 6-0 victory over Grenada, Leilanni Nesbeth spoke with Bernews about the match, playing in front of a home crowd, her future goals, and more.

Noting that it was nice to be able to play in front of a home crowd and her family, Ms. Nesbeth told Bernews, “We’re so fortunate for the amount of support that we get from Bermuda, so it was extremely heartwarming.”

“I think we were definitely motivated, especially coming off of the game earlier against the Dominican Republic. I think we all came out of that game thinking that we would’ve won that game; obviously it was a hard fought loss. But at the end of the day, we knew that we had to come out and make a statement and make sure that we still understood that we have the level of talent that we have.

“We were able to compete against different teams around the world. So it was a good performance and I was definitely motivated and definitely looking forward to what the future holds for this team.”

When asked about her life goals, Ms. Nesbeth said, “I definitely want to play pro. I want to play for as long as possible. I love playing and I love what comes with it, the traveling, being able to build these relationships. So I definitely want to see where it takes me.

“I definitely want to play for a long time and see how far I can take it.”

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