CG Kicks Off Summer Internship Programme

June 9, 2022

Four college students – Vanessa Varao, Kelly Trott, Brian Desmond and Amber Simons – started their summer internships this week with CG Insurance to learn professional skills, gain industry knowledge and explore future career possibilities.

A spokesperson said, “The CG Summer Internship Programme, which is designed to expose the students to the ins and outs of the insurance business, attaches them to departments that align with their academic and career interests.

“Their activities will include a 10-week group project, team-building exercises and community service days. They will also attend various information sessions with CG managers on subjects such as cyber security, regulatory compliance, legal affairs, investing and managing personal finances, ESG, as well as personal career and brand development.

Kelly Trott, Amber Simons, Vanessa Varao & Brian Desmond


“In addition, each student will have a dedicated mentor to provide guidance and support throughout the programme, along with advice and direction on resume writing, interview skills and networking opportunities.

“The students who have secured internships with the CG Insurance Bermuda office [CG Headquarters] are Vanessa Varao, Kelly Trott, Brian Desmond and Amber Simons. The CG Summer Internship Programme operates in two other CG jurisdictions, Cayman and The Bahamas, where 10 more students have been selected for the programme.”

Naz Farrow, CG’s Chief Executive Officer, said the internships provide special opportunities for professional growth and development, helping interns explore company career possibilities close to home while earning a paycheque.

‘It’s a programme that empowers the students by providing insights into the insurance industry, revealing career paths within it and, above all, encouraging them through the collegial spirit and support of the CG professionals working with them.

‘For us as a company, the internships are an expression of our people-first approach to business. They are a way to invest in the future by tapping into the strength and promise of our local young people, and deepening our connections in the communities we operate.’

The company added, “Following an application assessment and an interview process involving dozens of candidates, the interns were selected based on their school course work, degree ambitions, academic and extracurricular achievements and desired career path. CG departments welcoming interns are Property & Casualty, Medical, Pensions, Health & Life, Compliance, Finance, Marketing and Legal.

“The CG Summer Internship Programme runs from June 6 to August 5 in Bermuda, June 7 to August 5 in The Bahamas and June 27 to August 12 in Cayman.”

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