Review: Carnival In Bermuda Raft Up Event

June 19, 2022

[Written by Mikaela Ian Pearman]

The raft up is a long standing Bermuda tradition and carnival weekend has taken it up a notch.

Raft Up returned as one of the signature events of Carnival In Bermuda yesterday [Saturday] and it was a little different but still a great event.

Raft Up was moved to a new location this year – King’s Point just off of Mangrove Bay. I wasn’t sure how good it would be because I wasn’t crazy about the venue, but I remained open minded.

There were two official charter boats but I opted to charter a smaller boat to enjoy the day with friends. And enjoy it we did.

We headed up to King’s Point on Mona Lisa Cruises just after 1pm. A windy day meant it took a little longer to cross the Great Sound than normal, but it was such a beautiful day so we enjoyed the ride.

When we arrived, the first thing I noticed was how spread out everything was. King’s Point is a larger area than previous venues so it wasn’t as compact as I expected.

This wasn’t a bad thing, but it definitely made it harder to swim to other boats to find friends. And the wind plus the shallow areas contributed to everything being more spread out.

We chose a spot near the barge where DJs were playing music. Not too close but close enough to the action. After a snapping a ton of pics, having lunch and topping up drinks, it was time to join the party.

We decided to swim over to the barge area. It got shockingly shallow really fast and a few feet further, we could stand and walk over to the barge.

Soca, Dancehall and Afrobeats blared from the speakers. We caught the end of Just Jay’s set and then the majority of DJ Rusty G’s set.

It was fun being able to stand in the water and have a great time. And because there was so much space, I never felt cramped in on area. Could be because the majority of the attendees stayed on or near their boats.

After enjoying the music, we walked/swam back to the boat to get ready to depart after a beautiful afternoon on the water.

Overall, Raft Up was a great event. I saw police patrolling the area in boats and jet skis ensuring everyone’s safety. It was a great addition to ensure the event went smoothly.

Because I’m having a light year for carnival this time around, I went straight home to my bed. Next up – two white parties back to back.

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