Review: BHW Heroes Weekend Parade Of Bands

June 14, 2015

[Written by Mikaela Ian Pearman]

Destra Garcia famously sang: “Everybody take a jump, take a jump, take a jump up now, start to wave, start to wave, start to wave up now, start to wine, start to wine, start to wine up now, because, it’s carnival!”

And that’s exactly what yesterday was, Bermuda’s first carnival and hopefully the first of many. The words fantastic, fabulous, wonderful and even amazing don’t come close to summing up what the day was. But since I’m writing this review, I will try to translate my experience into words.

Bands were asked to assemble between 12pm and 2pm at the entrance of Dockyard to get ready for the parade. They included Passion, Party People, Off Level, Caribbean Massive, The Dill Family and Real Frenz.

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My friends and I were playing mas with Party People and arrived after 1pm to socialise before hitting the road. It was wonderful to see all the revellers ready to participate in Bermuda’s first carnival. Each truck had an assigned “uniform” but many participants created their own costumes or carnival wear.

Once the driver of the truck blew the horn near Prison Officers, it was time to start going down the road and we all got into place. Loud soca music poured from the massive set of speakers on the truck which prompted dancing, waving, jumping and bacchanal from everyone, spectators included.

As a self-professed soca junkie, I was completely in my element! The sun was beating down and was at times unbearably hot but it didn’t matter as everyone was following the big truck and having a great time.

The DJs on my truck included Dj Jim Brown, DJ Mystro, Back2Basics and Tony Cross. Fire Wayne was on the mic for a good portion of the day kept everyone energized.

One thing that was great about Party People was the driver drove very slowly and even stopped many times along with road so the party wasn’t rushed at all. Many participants from other trucks actually joined Party People once their truck had finished. It ended up being the biggest, baddest truck on the road – exactly was the promoters promised.

The truck crept slowly along the road until we got on to the cruise ship pier where it parked and continued to play music. The pier was where all the vendors were set up and most of the spectators were watching. At this point the last two trucks joined and all the participants mingled amongst each other in this great setting.

The Passion truck then became the best truck thanks to Barrie Hype who had ridiculous amounts of energy and was able to keep everyone in the party mood.

But then the party turned up a few notches when Kees from Kes the band came on the truck and performed a few songs including “Fallin”, “Wotless” “Where Yuh From” and “Million”. Lyrikal followed with “Cloud Nine”.

The DJs continued to play music until about 8pm and by then, the crowds started to disperse.

All in all, I think Bermuda’s first carnival was an overwhelming success. I had entirely too much fun yesterday and my back is paying for it today!

The organisers, Bermuda Heroes Weekend Ltd, led by Jason “D’General” Sukdeo did such an amazing job and I thank them for having the vision to bring carnival to life in Bermuda. I can’t wait til next year!

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  1. Jus Wonderin' says:

    One of the best parties/weekends um had in Bermuda in a looooong time! Big up Jason and crew and Burrows Lightbourn!! Looking forward to next year already!

  2. Beast Mode says:

    Well done to the Organization that Put on These events I Can see this growing and getting bigger and better. Let’s keep support these events because it’s good for out tourism.

  3. Smokey says:

    Loved that it was in Dockyard not Morgans Point! Had a blast!

  4. rhonda says:

    I hope this event grows and reaches a point that it is not funded by taxpayer dollars, and indeed more tourist than Bermudian who probably can least afford it participate.