Review Of Bermuda Heroes J’Ouvert Celebration

June 19, 2016

[Written by Mikaela Ian Pearman]

It was 3am on Saturday morning and I faced an important decision. Tired, catching a cold and freezing thanks to the rain, would I really get up and go to J’Ouvert?

I had attended Five Star Friday and had a ball, but sleep and medicine were both calling my name. However, a decision had to be made and even though I thought I was a bit crazy, I decided to suck it up and go for an hour, hoping that I wouldn’t freeze to death, mainly because I had FOMO [fear of missing out].

And I have to say, it was the best decision I made all weekend and I stayed for longer than an hour. Glow J’Ouvert was held at Bernard’s Park and for those who aren’t familiar with this type of party, it’s a sunrise party that was held from 3am to 8am.

Basically, you party until daybreak and then sleep for a few hours after to rejuvenate for the parade. It was all-inclusive with codfish breakfast and open bar.

I arrived at about 3:45am with my friends and immediately was given a cup to fill with powder and water to mix with it to turn it into paint. I was dressed in clothing meant to be trashed afterwards and had a scarf covering my curls.


The music was loud and the crowd was feeling the vibe, even though it was cold and rainy. Most of the women had their hair covered and just about everyone had on the shirt that came with the J’Ouvert package.

The whole point of J’Ouvert is to get wet and messy so paint, powder and water were thrown around liberally. I was a hot mess at the end and my clothing is now in the trash.

The party had a great vibe but early on, the water truck started spraying water, which wasn’t fun because it was already cold and rainy. But when the heavens opened and the rain started to pour, a bunch of people ran to the bar tents for cover. I thought the party was effectively done by then, but thankfully the rain eased off just before sunrise.

A slip and slide station provided fun for those who wanted to get muddy. And once the sun came up, the water hose helped to get all the paint and mud off.

My favourite moment of the morning was the massive circle of friends that was created when Kerwin DuBois’ “Circle of Friends” came on. It was so much fun and exactly what I expected the highlight of J’Ouvert to be.

Overall, I had an amazing time even though the weather was horrible. J’Ouvert was hands down the best party of the whole weekend and even though the weekend isn’t done, I feel very confident that nothing will top it. It was an epic experience that many will talk about until next year.

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