‘Departure Of Charles Jeffers As CEO Of BTA’

June 10, 2022 | 30 Comments

[Updated] The BTA Board announced “the departure of Charles Jeffers as CEO of the BTA,” and said that Tracy Berkeley has “replaced him as interim CEO and plans are in motion for a permanent replacement.”

Mr Jeffers was appointed last year, in March 2021, and the statement did not provide a reason for the ‘departure.’

A spokesperson said, “The Board of Directors of the Bermuda Tourism Authority regrets to announce the departure of Charles Jeffers as CEO of the BTA. According to Wayne Caines, BTA Chairman of the Board, “We thank Charles for his contributions to Bermuda during a very difficult period for the country and the world at large.”

“Tracy Berkeley, previously Chief Administration Officer, has replaced him as interim CEO, and plans are in motion for a permanent replacement. Erin Smith, previously Chief Information Officer, has been promoted to Chief Operations Officer. Jamari Douglas joins in the newly created post of VP, Marketing, PR and Communications.

“He was recruited by BTA from the Bermuda Business Development Agency [BDA], where he served as Marketing Director. Additional internal appointments, expected to be announced in the coming weeks, will add additional bench strength organizationally.”

Charles H. Jeffers II

Mr Caines said, “We have a dynamic agenda of initiatives and a highly qualified executive leadership team to help realize the transformational tourism growth for Bermuda that is critical at this moment in time, as the world emerges from a global pandemic and we start our summer season. I am very excited about our future.”

The statement from the BTA said, “In order to re-establish Bermuda as a top travel consideration, some of the main objectives of the BTA’s Tourism Strategic Recovery Plan are to promote sports and groups – especially sailing and other marine activities; expand and engage audiences from untapped markets; and improve the visitor experience.

Marquee Sporting Events

“Sports tourism is a critical component of Bermuda’s National Tourism Plan, which identifies golf, tennis, sailing and endurance sports as key growth opportunities for Bermuda. Some of the highlights for the 2022 season include the upcoming Clipper Round the World Race – June 11-19, with 700 participants competing. Also this month will be the Newport Bermuda Race starting on June 17, a mainstay on the North American Sail-racing calendar. Coming fall, the Butterfield Bermuda Championship, the pinnacle PGA Tour event returns to Bermuda in October. A brand new Bermuda Black Golfers Week will also take place, as part of a new initiative to drive diversity in tourism and sporting events, in partnership with PGA Magazine and Ellison Consulting Group. Finishing out the year will be the World Triathlon Series, November 5 – 6, when Bermuda will once again host a leg of the World Triathlon Championship Series, with the best triathletes in the world competing in the City of Hamilton. The event will be televised globally, showcasing Bermuda’s world-class sports infrastructure.

New Brand Initiatives

“As a result of a brand study commissioned by the BTA to determine the correct direction for Brand Bermuda in the wake of the global shift in tourism and travel, the brand will be refined to celebrate Bermuda’s authentic, culturally unique markers and to present an immersive, gritty, honest representation of the real Bermuda. The brand relaunch will take a phased approach starting with a new BTA website in mid-July, and the full brand campaign launch set to occur in mid-September.

New Tourism Standards

“BTA has been engaged in the Bermuda Government’s education transformation initiative to support the development of the signature school hospitality and tourism curriculum. Alongside tourism stakeholders, the BTA will provide industry expertise to help develop knowledge, talent and interest throughout the tourism workforce pipeline. Several key programs will help reframe and rebrand the National Service Standards to ensure that every business is providing excellent customer service and elevated experience. A new independent partner will help to manage customer feedback in all areas by collecting data essential to understanding guest expectations, identifying issues, and assisting businesses who want to consistently improve their products, service, and staff. This is all important when ensuring that Bermuda is high on the map for exceeding customer expectations.

BTA CEOs since inception curent as of June 2022

Executive Leadership Team

Tracy Berkeley, a highly motivated, agile and focused C-Suite professional with twenty plus years of diverse, global, strategic HR and operational experience in the [re]insurance, tourism, healthcare and international business sectors, was appointed as Chief Administration Officer in February of 2021. In that role she was the executive leader responsible for directing best practice in both HR management and operational efficiencies for the Bermuda Tourism’s Authority’s Bermuda and New York offices. Additionally, she serves on the Board of the Bermuda Visitor Service Center, the Board of Polaris Holding Company Limited –as well as the Royal Bermuda Regiment Defense and Promotions Board.

Erin Smith, an experienced professional in research & business intelligence, tourism, technology, privacy and marketing, was appointed as Chief Information Officer in September of 2019. In that role, she has had oversight of all information technology, research, analysis and reporting, including tourism measures, marketing effectiveness, and tracking key performance indicators. She has reported on key market trends and changing market conditions, and highlighted opportunities and threats that facilitated informed decision-making by the organization.

Jamari Douglas has a strong background developing and executing strategic sales and marketing campaigns. Known as a strategic partner in his previous role at the BDA where he served for the last three years, he uses a data-driven approach to inform critical decisions regarding brand development, market-entry, and competitive strategies. While at the BDA, he grew website traffic by 150% YoY and increased time spent on the website by 300% following the design and implementation of a new targeted webpage, generated thousands of qualified leads by revamping the internal CRM system and aligning business development goals and objectives. He focused on growth and retention across consumer marketing plans and communications, growing social media channels by 45% and achieving an 8% increase in consumer retention. Having held previous roles in the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s New York office, Jamari’s appointment marks the celebratory return of a boomerang team member.”

Wayne Caines concluded, “Bermuda is poised for dynamic growth. We have exciting plans for vibrant and magnetic activations, and a highly qualified team that has been instrumental in developing those plans who are thus invested in leading those plans to successful outcomes. We look forward to a strong summer season, as a gateway to the high season ahead.”

Bernews has asked for additional information and will update if able.

Update: Tourism Minister Vance Campbell said, “I have been briefed by the Chairman of the Board on the departure of Charles H. Jeffers II. Our stakeholders can be reassured by the fact that the Board has acted swiftly to minimize any disruption. The board has appointed Tracy Berkeley, a proven senior executive, as interim CEO. This interim appointment, coupled with the promotion of Erin Smith to Chief Operations Officer, will facilitate the continued focus on delivery of the Strategic Tourism Recovery Plan over the coming months. With events such as the Clipper Race, Carnival in Bermuda, and the Newport to Bermuda Race the outlook for Tourism as we move into the summer is bright.”

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  1. unknown800k says:

    go figure.
    I guess he has a bigger event the the AC in the works.

  2. dunn juice says:

    When zaney becomes premier hell sort it all out

  3. sandgrownan says:

    Well he didn’t last long!

  4. question says:

    Unwilling to put up with the interfering government bull sheet.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Could you deal with Titty Milk looking over your shoulder all the time!
      Note the US is doing away with pre-arrival testing from Sunday. ho hum.

      And we are left with the TA. No wonder he quit.

  5. The bta should have been says:

    Left to fly. They would look good and so would Mr. Jeffers. The same plp that talks black men puts a knife in their back. Watch what happens when they get the Corporation. You will never ever see balanced books. Shame shame shame on the PLP. It is now a growing track record and Mr Goody two shoes , no substance Caines should be ashamed of himself

  6. comfortably numb says:

    Wayne ‘Teflon’ Caines : do you not realize the damage the TAF is doing to tourism? Meanwhile, the islands to our south so beloved by his colleague Famous, have had record visitor numbers thanks to minimal paperwork for visitors, if any.

    • saud says:

      Bermuda doesn’t want tourists, or IB…they’re foreigners, and Bermuda hates foreigners…and the gays.

      • Yep says:

        Yes thanks to OBA and PLP. Neither party supported SSM. The cowards in the OBA were to afraid for change and the people in the PLP explained before the election it was not happening. They won 30 -6.

        • saud says:

          The “people” in the plp are proud of their bigotry, their racism and xenophobia…they’ve simply proven that they’re no better than the people they claim have discriminated against them.
          It makes their followers look like lemmings :)

        • Toodle-oo says:

          The plp’s 30-6 win had nothing whatsoever to do with gay marriage.
          Or the promise to re-write cannabis laws , or lower the cost of living , or , or …

  7. Here we go again! says:


  8. Ringmaster says:

    It would make more sense to get rid of the Chairman of the Board.

    Could someone explain what this means? “the brand will be refined to celebrate Bermuda’s authentic, culturally unique markers and to present an immersive, gritty, honest representation of the real Bermuda”. Talk about meaningless marketing BS. Is the BTA going back to falsely selling the 35kph speed limit, smallest drawbridge in the world etc. or is it to promote shootings, carnage on the roads, drunks, overgrown roads and walkways, loud obscene music blaring everywhere?

    • sandgrownan says:

      I’ll try. It’s bullsh*t.

    • Agreed says:

      A family member recently came home to Bermuda after a couple of years of being away pursuing higher education and starting their career. I notice they just keep asking questions like, Bermuda use to be so tidy, what’s with the roads and all the weeds? (Agreed) Then they proceed with everyone drives so fast now (agreed) and over the middle line (agreed maybe it’s because 2 feet of road are missing with all the overgrowth)….Followed by why are there so many trucks on the road? (Agreed it’s called we want two vehicles so I’ll call myself Mr. Fix It and I’ll get a truck and then we can have a truck and a car) ……

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “Could someone explain what this means?”

      It means that Charles Jeffers III, like his namesakes, has a mind and he uses it.

  9. rotten onion says:

    Wheels on the bus go round and round.

  10. kevin says:

    The plp want to control the BTA who in the plp own /operate a hospitality venture who has any real hospitality experience….but yet Circus master Burt took over the Gaming commission hows that going…Jeffers was a political appointed CEO who was supposed to do what Burt wanted …assuming the coin dropped and he actually figured that out…the green machine continue to drag this country down …you know the quote ” You don’t know what you don’t know” well there are 36 of them who don’t know much about anything …
    I didnt put them there

  11. Tee says:

    Why don’t anyone March anymore? Why are we as a people not putting pressure on DB and these i8iots? TAF is really not necessary….

    • Horse radish says:

      Because folks will never support a party with so much hate like the oba. Until we have a 3rd party the PLP will continue to win.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        All the hate in Bermuda is PLP generated. Boogeyman politics and the lemmings fall for it.

      • Hey says:

        There is no hate in the OBA, it was formed as an all inclusive party for the betterment of Bermuda for all Bermudians. PLP is about lining the pockets of their elite. COVID was used as a method to line pockets. PLP don’t care about the man on the street.

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          The OBA was formed (as the BDA) as as an all inclusive party for the betterment of Bermuda for all Bermudians. Then the UBP imploded and all but a few members of the UBP went to the BDA and changed into the OBA.

          The OBA today is not what its founding members had in mind.

          • sandgrownan says:

            Interesting. Expand on that.

          • ComeCorrect says:

            Keep it real this is why black voters that supported the BDA Party departed. The BDA party was infected from the UBP Covid which created the very dislike for what is now OBA. It’s a circus now full of trolls.They never should’ve merged as we finally had 50% whites and 50% blacks working together for the better of Bermuda. The best thing now is for the OBA to remain at the bottom of the ocean and a new party be formed that has everyone’s best interest.

      • saud says:

        The plp will continue to “win” because the majority of Bermudians are racist and homophobic. Their lack of education is of no concern.

    • Paul' says:

      The people that you speak about are in charge now idiot! The OBA is a waste of 6. SEATS.

  12. Close Source says:

    HE GOT FIRED GUYS. FLIP!!! Stop the speculation, I know this for a FACT.

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