Investigation Commences Into Death Of Dog

January 14, 2018

The police said they are aware of “disturbing images of a dog that was found dead in the waters off of Admiralty House in Pembroke,” and said an investigation has commenced.

The photos — which as the police note are disturbing — depict a dead dog face down in the water, with a rope around his/her neck, with the rope attached to a concrete block that is at the bottom of the water.

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service is aware of disturbing images of a dog that was found dead in the waters off of Admiralty House in Pembroke. An investigation into the incident has commenced in conjunction with the relevant governmental authorities.

“Police are interested in speaking with anyone who may have any information that may assist with the investigation. Anyone with any information is asked to contact CID on 2950011.”

The person who found the dog told Bernews they were “absolutely shocked and horrified that a person could do this,” and we will have additional information later on.

Update 3.36pm: Additional information is here.

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  1. Truth says:

    Unbelievable. How do some people sleep at night? Whoever did this belongs in hell.

  2. Nana says:

    When that person is found they should have a rope with a concrete block put around their neck and thrown overboard. My two dogs are treated better than some children and I am appalled at reading this article. Find whomever is responsible for this cruel act. Do as suggested as we do not need whomever committed this cruelty to be on our streets. Definitely scum of the earth.

    • Mother Theresa says:

      I agree fully! The animal that did this should be gased!!!

  3. Maureen Marshall says:

    Such depravity in our midst it is absolutely sickening! Hope the diabolical perp is quickly found and appropriately, severely punished.

  4. Nana says:

    He or she deserves the same treatment as the dog got. Nothing less. SCUM

    • Truth says:

      I agree 100%
      What is wrong with some people? Who could do something like this? I am disgusted. Does this person have children? We should be concerned about having this type of person in our community.
      This deranged should rot in hell!

  5. Ouch says:

    Why, oh why!
    Amnesty please so others don’t suffer the same fate. Possibly someone could have intervened. One wonders of the safety of this person, or persons’s friends and family. He/she could have had a caring home even if currently illegal.
    They are loving and loyal, can be retrained, especially when grateful for kindness.

    • Ouch says:

      Maybe the dog had Heath issues. Removing the restricted breeds and.making owners responsible means they get puppy socialation, vet care.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        * Removing the restricted breeds and.making owners responsible …..*

        How is removing the restricted breeds ban going to suddenly make the breeders of these dogs who have long profited from their also illegal sale to other ‘law breakers’ responsible ?

        It’s a known fact that the person who once received the largest fine for illegally breeding a ‘certain type’ of dog just went on as normal and continued to do it !

        Although that was more than 10 years ago most people on these boards probably have no knowledge of that fact but it’ll probably be censored anyway .

      • Z says:

        If the dog had health issues, take it to the vet or out it up for adoption, but DONT frown the poor dog. That was despicable and horrific and no animal deserves that.

        • Real Deal says:

          You are missing the point. if the dog is illegal, and they take it to the vet they will get into trouble lose their or go to jail.

          but this is not a good way to end a life drowning is one of the worst ways to go. if the dog had medical issues and was illegal they should have overdose the dog on sleeping pills so it would die in its sleep.

          The dog TRUSTED you and you did this to it.

          • Seriously? says:

            Veterinarians do not turn away illegal dogs for treatment, OR regular health care. So this statement is false.

            • Toodle-oo says:

              I intentionally held off on correcting RD just to see if anyone else would .
              Having spoken to a local ( yes, Bermudian) vet about this it is true that they do not inspect any patient dogs for chips or even proof of licensing .
              All that matters is the animal’s health and welfare . Illegal , or not .
              This topic , like many others , has been the usual revelation in how many people don’t have clue what they’re talking about . But unfortunately it doesn’t stop them from dropping comments left , right and centre , on these boards.

      • Nana says:

        So you are saying maybe it had a health issue. So if a newborn person has a illness when born are you saying that it should have rope tied around its neck attached to a concrete block. No matter what was the problem with the dog, it should not have had to suffer in that way. Maybe the Dog wardens need to step up to the plate and investigate as per their job description.

        • Cardiff boy says:

          Ya acting like we don’t pull the plug on people everyday in this world


  7. Truth says:

    I agree 100%
    What is wrong with some people? Who could do something like this? I am disgusted. Does this person have children? We should be concerned about having this type of person in our community.
    This deranged should rot in hell!

  8. WOW says:

    You have to be a cruel and evil person to do this to an innocent animal. There’s no excuse for this. If the dog was un wanted there are other options than killing it in one of the worst ways possible. I truly hope the sicko is caught and suffers.

  9. Toodle-oo says:

    Chances of tracking the owner of this poor dog are probably zero .

    More than likely , based on events we’ve seen before , unlicensed , un-chipped , illegal breed.

    Just tragic.

  10. Scientist says:

    Place a large reward leading to the arrest. Later throw the book at them.

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    The simple thing to do would be to drop it off at the SPCA. If the dog is illegal tie it to the gate.

    Whoever did this should get a ride in the ducking stool & not a short one. Hold him down long enough to feel what he put that dog through & not just once. Wishful thinking.

    If caught let’s guess what the punishment will be? A few hundred in a fine, maybe a couple weeks up at the Westgate Rec Center, & a banning of owning animals for a few years, not that a ban would stop anyone.

    • Real Deal says:

      Yes i think this is a good idea but the rest of the world would not respect our decision.

  12. Eugene Young says:

    It is going to be very interesting the next time a human being is killed. To see if we get this kind of outrage from the public. Of course rightly so killing animals is wrong and cruel. But man, cant help but notice the contrast.

    • Cardiff boy says:


      • Truth says:

        Seriously? If/when an innocent and defenseless man/women/child is found face down in the ocean with a rope and cement block tied around his/her neck, I will absolutely be outraged.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      The difference is animals cannot defend or speak for themselves. For the most part we have people in the drug trade killing each other. People who know don’t say a thing because they likely benefit from the drug trade & the rest don’t care. Animals are better than that.

      • Your Ancestors Did Worse says:

        I didn’t know people could defend themselves from a gun and not every murder victim was in the “drug trade” you nitwit. Animals ARE NOT better than them but thanks for proving his point!

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          Your screen name & name calling says much about you. Thankyou for posting.

    • Your Ancestors Did Worse says:

      Agreed. They don’t care when that happens but when a dog is murdered they sound the dam alarm.

      • Double S says:

        Haven’t seen any outcry or demonstrations from ‘you guys’ regarding thee murders.

      • Anbu says:

        And whats your point? Funny how we r supposed to care whilst constantly being bashed cause “everything is our fault and your ancestors blah blah blah” what you expect mate?! Think im gonna give a dam abt you when all u do is demonise me?! HA!! Nope.

      • Real Deal says:

        Yeah but we cant let this type of stuff go on in 2018. I am willing to bet this person never went a day of church in their life.

  13. facts of the rock says:

    Take the offender outside the reef,cut the wrists and throw overboard.shark food.

    (hope the shark don’t get food poisoning!).

  14. puzzled says:

    I’m with you all and your comments and feelings, thoughts and what has to be done.

    Step back and think about all the people that have been murdered and yet you never said a freekin word.
    But for a dog?

    Take care of the children.

  15. campervan says:

    I’d be willing to kick in 3k towards finding and prosecuting the scum that did this.

  16. Bda guy says:

    Do the same to the person who did it to the dog they don’t deserve to be on this earth they dog do

  17. Bda guy says:

    Give the person to me i will take the person deep sea fishing see if they could catch anything out there

  18. Your Ancestors Did Worse says:

    Some people are more outraged about this than all the murders of humans on this island. Speaks volumes.

  19. Zevon says:

    This is what happens when you keep letting off people with illegal dogs.

  20. Animal Farm says:

    find the culprit and give it a slow and PAINFUL punishment for life but this is Bermuda social inquiry report, slap on wrist suspended sentence and alls ok BS!!!!!!!! hope the scumbag has nightmares every night for the rest of its miserable life

  21. o says:

    No doubt, the person may have used the only option they thought available or felt justified to use, i.e. the dog has attacked a child.

  22. Point boy says:

    Cameras are everywhere! #the dumb ass who called in the bomb threat

  23. Cardiff boy says:

    Alright alright Does Anyone know the circumstances under which this dog was killed? Perhaps it was sick or had bitten someone. Who knows. Who really wants to let some vet put their dog down? However, If the cops can find this dog killer we got a serious problem on our hands. I got friends whose killers have not been brought to justice. I would love to hear this uproar for another human being

    • sage says:

      Are you a complete idiot? Clearly you either killed this dog, know who did or are just equally as depraved, on here trying to justify this cruelty. Using your warped logic maybe your friends did something to deserve what they got.