Sport Bermuda Magazine To Present Awards

July 24, 2022

Sport Bermuda Magazine will be holding its third annual Awards Ceremony on November 27th, honouring a number of local athletes and sporting officials.

A spokesperson said, “On Sunday, November 27th from 2 to 6 pm, Sport Bermuda Magazine awards are back! We will honour distinguished Bermudians who have made significant contributions to sport and the community at large, especially amid these challenging times we currently live through. The ceremony will be held at Ruth Seaton James Centre for Performing Arts.

“The first award handed out will be the Lifetime Achievement Award. This year’s recipient is the former professional footballer and Bermuda national coach Carlton ‘Pepi’ Dill. Mr Dill, who also played for the Bermuda national team, will be recognized for his work in the area of probation services.

“The next award is the Allan Peacock Philanthropy Award. This year’s recipient is renowned community activist Bruce Barritt. Mr Barritt has helped many organizations to celebrate special events through sponsorship with beverages and services via his company John Barritt and Son’s Limited.

“The WF “Chummy” Hayward Award is bestowed on someone that has made a significant contribution with their services in terms of community and sporting activities. This year, Mr Jon Beard is being honoured for his work in the area of football, as one of the first directors of coaching within the Bermuda Football Association. Mr Beard should also be commended for his time as an educator and former assistant principal at Saltus Grammar School, as well as an instrumental figure in bringing the Small Island Games to Bermuda in 2013.

“The Dudley Eve Administration Award recognizes people that have worked tirelessly in the business side of sports, as Mr Eve was a founding father to collaborating black and white footballers together to form the Bermuda Football Union, now renamed the Bermuda Football Association. This year, Mr Austin Woods is being acknowledged for his work as former president of the Bermuda Olympic Association, and his senior administrative role with the Devonshire Colts organization.

“The Dr. EF Gordon Award is presented to a member of the public who has shown outstanding character while using his area of expertise to better serve his/her island home. Dr Gordon, as well as his medical endeavours, was an outstanding leader of the community and instrumental in starting the Bermuda Industrial Union in 1947, to illustrate the importance of human rights in the local community. This year, we honour Rick Richardson, for his contribution as Chief Executive Officer of Bermuda Broadcasting and his outstanding personality while working as a football coach for Warwick United and Southampton Rangers, as well as a youth coach of the Bermuda Under-16 team.

“The Harold “Doc” Dowling Coach/Mentor Award is to showcase the work of developing key skills in their area of coaching expertise as well as soft skills to be successful in the community. Mr Dowling made a strong impact on the North Village community, which encompasses the stretch between Glebe Road and Government Gate in Pembroke Parish. This year we celebrate the contributions of Mr Arnold Manders, who has helped develop a strong pool of young talent in the areas of football and cricket, and now serves as president of the Bermuda Cricket Board.

“The Charles Marshall Referee’s Award commemorates the work of a former referee who has gone to the highest level, as Mr Marshall earned both the Concacaf and FIFA referee badges. This year, the award is being bestowed upon Anthony Mouchette, who also has the highest badge like Mr Marshall, and always performed his duties at the highest level. He is also an esteemed boxing referee, as well as a former black belt in karate.

“Sport Bermuda also recognizes several individuals who made their mark in sports that have been sanctioned by the Bermuda Olympic Association. Some notable names for this year consist of football star Fred “Pinks” Lewis, legendary Bermuda Day marathon champion Kavin Smith, golf champions Dwayne Pearman and Kim Swan, as well as softball hero Ellen-Kate Horton. Raymond Santucci and associates from St John’s Ambulance will also be appreciated.

“Sport and music often go hand-in-hand, thus you will enjoy a few selections from Bermuda Idol winner Olivia Hamilton. Special hosts for the matinee will include local comedian and former radio personality Bootsie. The event is organized by owner and chief editor Mark “Burger” Jennings, along with staff writer Jared Rego.

“We have many sponsors who will make contributions to fund the annual awards, and they will be announced closer the event.

“Tickets for the fourth annual event will be available at a cost of $50 and can be purchased from the 24-hour gas station, Lindo’s Devonshire, The Pro Shop, and Speciality Inn. Alternatively, you can contact staff workers Donald Norford, Mark “Burger” Jennings, or Dr. Radell Tankard to purchase.”

Following are the full list of 2022 awardees:

Sport Bermuda Magazine Awards

  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Carlton “Pepi” Dill
  • Allan Peacock Philanthropy Award – Bruce Barritt
  • WF “Chummy” Hayward Award – Jon Beard
  • Dudley Eve Administration Award – Austin Woods
  • Doctor EF Gordon Award for Civilization – Rick Richardson
  • Harold “Doc” Dowling Coach/Mentor Award – Arnold Manders
  • Charles Marshall Referee’s Award – Anthony Mouchette

Individual Sport Awards

  • Football – Fred “Pinks” Lewis, Arnold West, Sam Nusum, Stanfield Smith
  • Cricket – Joe Bailey, Lionel Thomas, John Tucker, Herman “Butch” Smith
  • Marathon running – Michael Watson, Kavin Smith, Christopher Estwanik, Eugene “Pickles” Smith
  • Track and field – Wel Caesar, Calvin Dill, Dennis Trott, Gregory Simons
  • Golf – Kim Swan, Dwayne Pearman Jr, Darrin Simons, Derek Douglas
  • Triathlon – Steven Petty, Neil De Ste Croix, Patricia Petty, Julie Hawley
  • Softball – Ellen-Kate Horton, Lois Steede-Virgil, Olivette Armstrong, Winston “JR” Jones
  • Squash – Patrick Foster, Micah Franklin
  • Tennis – Ricky Mallory, Steve Smith, Zara DeSilva, Eugene Woods
  • Boxing – Nathan Dill, Nikki Bascome,
  • Cycling – Whayman Butterfield, Clifford Roberts, Nicole Mitchell, Greg Hopkins
  • Motocross – Christopher Shanks, Kenneth Matthie, Damien Simons
  • Karting – Amber Lopes, Shannon Caisey, Jeff Sousa
  • Swimming – Ben Smith, Michael Harvey, Jesse Washington
  • Field Hockey – Kovin Moodley, Krista Smith, Maya Palacio
  • Media – Sean Tucker, Jason “Jugglin J” Ford, Nick Jones, Don Burgess
  • Community Service – Raymond Santucci, Russell Richardson, Shervin Dill, Nolan Walker
  • Paralympians – Yushae DeSilva-Andrade, Jessica Lewis, Steve Wilson

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