Denton Hurdle Memorial Awards Nominees

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The 38th annual Denton Hurdle Memorial Awards will take place on Thursday at Warwick Academy starting at 6:30pm, with the event serving to honor some of the Island’s top young athletes.

A spokesperson said, “These awards, honoring the late teacher, are used to highlight, recognize and reward the finest primary, middle and senior school student-athletes. Fifty three students athletes were nominated for the 2024 awards.

“Denton Hurdle was a keen sportsman who attended Warwick Academy, Bermuda College and Dalhousie University. After completing his physical education degree he went on to teach at Warwick Academy. He was an avid sportsman and excelled in soccer, cricket and volleyball. His first love however was rugby. He went on to captain Teachers Rugby Football Club. He was also a regular member of the Bermuda National Team.

“Each school is asked to nominate one boy and one girl for the award. All nominees will receive a certificate of recognition and are expected to attend the event.

“To be nominated for the award, students must display the following qualities: active participation, leadership, sportsmanship, self-discipline, dedication and cooperation. They must demonstrate positive attitudes in school. Nominees should also be good scholar-athletes as well as good role models. Only students in the final year of primary, middle or senior school are eligible for this reward.

“Judging will be based on the following criteria listed in order of importance:

  • Contribution towards school sports programme [including attitude]
  • Contribution towards other school programmes
  • Participation in sports outside of school [National level as well as club level]
  • Participation in other community activities

“The judges will also evaluate the written letters submitted by each school.


Primary School Girls:

  • Cush Belboda – Purvis Primary
  • Ariana Berkeley – Paget Primary
  • Maiya Caisey – Harrington Sound Primary
  • Romy Drea – Francis Patton School
  • Evelyn Fahy – Somersfield Academy
  • Peyton-Reese Govia – Mount Saint Agnes Academy
  • Samiyah Hall – Gilbert Institute
  • Piper Howard – Bermuda High School
  • Zanna Jones – St. David’s Primary
  • Naomi MacGuinness – Warwick Academy
  • Cataleya McCallan – West Pembroke Primary
  • Sophia Odouri – Northlands Primary
  • Emya Phipps – St. George’s Preparatory
  • Solae Rivas – Saltus Grammar School
  • Kayuni Simmons – Port Royal Primary
  • Maliah Steede – Prospect Primary
  • Alessia Vianello – Somerse Primary

Primary School Boys:

  • Hugo Adams – Somersfield Academy
  • Cree Bean – Warwick Academy
  • Damany Burchall – Dalton E. Tucker Primary
  • Cyme Dowling – Francis Patton School
  • Royal Fubler-Tucker – Saltus Grammar School
  • Luka Pastor – Mount Saint Agnes Academy
  • Kenzo Pitcher- Wade – St. David’s Primary
  • Harlo Robinson – St. George’s Preparatory
  • Kingston Ratteray – Purvis Primary
  • Tristyn Saltus – Gilbert Institute
  • Jemani Scott – West End Primary
  • Kosey Simmons – Northlands Primary
  • Shiloh Stevens – Prospect Primary
  • Ajani Trott – Paget Primary
  • Antoine Whitter – Elliot Primary

Middle School Girls

  • Antoinette Barry – Warwick Academy
  • Gabriella Cechini – Somersfield Academy
  • Milan Gibbons-Thomas – Bermuda High School
  • Leilani Peters – Saltus Grammar School
  • T’Mia Williams – Mount Saint Agnes Academy

Middle School Boys

  • Seruno Basden – The Whitney Institute Middle School
  • Joseph Cechini – Somersfield Academy
  • Timothy Jackson – Dellwood Middle School
  • Zydon Lightbourne Furbert – Warwick Academy
  • Liam Sheehy – Saltus Grammar School
  • Quincy Ratteray – Mount Saint Agnes Academy

Senior School Girls

  • Adriana Argent – Warwick Academy
  • Katherine Bean Rosario – Saltus Grammar School
  • Dominique Brown – CedarBridge Academy
  • Satya Darrell – Somersfield Academy
  • Chiaje Rudo – The Berkeley Institute

Senior School Boys

  • Matthew Banner – Warwick Academy
  • Seer Carey – The Berkeley Institute
  • Anijahe Santos Martin – Mount Saint Agnes Academy
  • Enrique Mendes – Somersfield Academy
  • Brandon Sangster – Saltus Grammar School

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