Ministry On $150 Payment For Back To School

August 12, 2022

Parents and guardians “should expect an email from the Department of Education to register to receive” the $150 funding for each student enrolled in public school, Minister of Education Diallo Rabain said today.

Last month, as part of a $15m economic relief package, Premier David Burt announced that the “Government will provide $150 to parents and guardians for each student enrolled in public school. This payment is to assist with school essentials as we recognize the financial burden encountered annually when preparing to send children back to school. ”

Today, Minister Rabain said, “We pledge to make this process as seamless as possible while ensuring that the monies promised are in the hands of parents and guardians in time for back-to-school preparations.

“Parents and guardians should expect an email from the Department of Education to register to receive the funding. The email will include the complete instructions required to obtain the relief funds.

“The primary parent or guardian listed in the Department’s PowerSchool system will be contacted via their registered email and asked to provide the necessary information to process a direct payment to their bank account.

“This Government remains committed to ensuring that our families receive support and resources as we return to a state of normalcy.”

“As a reminder, this relief of $150 is a one-time payment available for each student currently enrolled in a government preschool, primary, middle or secondary school. The Ministry of Education team is working hard to make the funds accessible for 2022 school preparations. Parents should expect to receive the email the week of August 29.

“We encourage parents and guardians to log onto PowerSchool to check their information, and inquiries can be emailed to”

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Comments (24)

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  1. Debbie Wilson says:

    Grateful for it.

    • tucker says:

      LOL…it’s already your money.
      Your education fails you.

      • WHAT says:

        Your oba=UBP keeps failing to find candidates, but you already know that.

        • tucker says:

          Did you respond to the wrong post?
          Did you confuse yourself?

          The OBA isn’t the government…you sound like trump…you must be a racist as well.

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          Keep up the big lie. Never give up on the big lie!

  2. Ringmaster says:

    Nothing less than vote buying. Not even means tested, so the Premier can collect several hundred dollars

  3. A failed government still going further in debt, will perceive its sheep by giving them money they don’t have to give. WAKE UP BERMUDA.

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    With the misappropriation of free money that we don’t have in mind, how is the recovery of all that money handed out to working people during the pandemic going?

    Not a word has been heard.

    Something else that the gonna Government was gonna do but has not done anything.

  5. comfortably numb says:

    $150 for parents who pay no direct fee for their children in the failing government education system: absolutely nothing for those parents who scrimp and save to pay the fees to give their children a good education in the private school system. Blurt logic.

  6. Burtcoin says:

    Nice gesture but Unfortunately that’s what socialist government is all about. Tax you more then give you handouts that you technically already paid for when all you have to do is save the $150 yourself. A people’s government will take more from you and put you on welfare instead of empowering you to make better for yourself.

    • You already know says:

      So being that taxes are down I guess your statement is incorrect

      • saud says:

        I know this is difficult for you, and your people…maybe there’s a child in the neighborhood who could explain it to you?

      • WHAT says:

        Taxes are up, debt is up, Bermuda and the PLP are failures…but you already knew that.

  7. Question says:

    Using borrowed money to buy votes.

  8. Unbelievable says:

    This is all very nice and no doubt there are families having a hard time with finances but THIS is a badly thought out idea. Govt is now just giving money away. It’s a clever move by a PLP Govt that has no ideas on how to turn the economy around but at least at the next election, voters will remember that they got $150. Bad and cynical. Christ.

  9. trufth says:

    Trinkets for all!!

    (Well, not ALL, only those who don’t already have to pay for school).

    Thanks Trinket Man – I’m sure these kids will be repaying this trinket of a loan when they are older. With interest.

  10. Ringmaster says:

    While the whole idea is wrong, since Burt has set it in motion, the money should not be cash, it should be a coupon redeemable for uniforms only. Cash can be used for so many other purposes such as food, drugs, gas, or whatever. A lot of needy children will never see the uniforms. Simple facts.

    • Question says:

      Or a coupon that could only be spent on pens, paper, and books. Imagine the reaction though. A lot of people would throw them away, seeing no use for them.

  11. Unknown800k says:

    Amazing how the supporters are hush, on all egomeir failures!

    • Tucker says:

      Notice how the plp, and its supporters, are racist, homophobic and xenophobic?

      Notice how the republicans, and their supporters, are racist, homophobic and xenophobic?

  12. Berman says:

    Funny thing is it’s the children that will feel the full impact of Bermudas dept, so while $150 is a good gesture and welcome the big picture is of more concern. It’s a good time to be old, not so great to be young.

  13. Mr. P Meoff says:

    Anything for votes, a failing Government, an abysmal education system, now you’re giving us our hard earned tax money back so that you can be seen to be doing something good? You all just haven’t a clue.
    Nuff said.

  14. Really says:

    Meanwhile public school teachers’ fund their classrooms, fund the supplies needed to deliver the government’s curriculum, fund their professional learning to advance their practice….and the list goes on and on.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Whilst what you say is true, Really, it is not new. That has been the case for over 40 years.