$10,000 In Court Fines For Traffic Offenders

September 21, 2022 | 1 Comment

More than $10,000 will be “contributed to government’s coffers by traffic offenders following yesterday’s and today’s plea court sessions,” the police noted.

In an online post, the police spokesperson said, “Slightly more than 10,000 dollars to be contributed to government’s coffers by traffic offenders, following yesterday’s and today’s plea court sessions.

“Fines were handed down for a slew of offences, including: impaired driving, speeding, [highest recorded speed 84 KMH], unlicensed vehicles, uninsured vehicles, failing to stop for police, ignoring traffic signs, unfastened helmets and using cell-phones while driving/riding.

“Remember, the BPS traffic initiative, Operation Vega, remains in effect. There will be an ongoing focus on road traffic offences as part of continued efforts by the BPS to make the island’s roads safer.”

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  1. Peppa Pig says:

    This sum should have another 0 at the end of it. The driving on this island is atrocious and all Bermudians ought to be embarrassed.

    Institute a 35k speed limit that is actually enforced.

    Set up speed cameras and mail tickets to the owners of the vehicle.

    Make those tickets very expensive. Perhaps they are progressive based on income so it doesn’t favor the rich whites here who haven’t paid tax in 5 generations.

    And finally, add individuals who don’t pay to a no fly list so they can’t leave the island.

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