A’Jahni Roberts-Smith Wins Raleigh Awards

September 20, 2022

A’Jahni Roberts-Smith has earned the Raleigh Bermuda Malcolm K. Outerbridge award and Michael J. Spurling Raleigh Champion award.

The Malcolm K. Outerbridge Transformation Award is presented to the participant who is deemed by their peers to have had the greatest transformation; it is sponsored by Deloitte Bermuda and was presented by Leah Amaral [Deloitte Marketing Manager] and Malcolm’s mother Kaywell Outerbridge [Raleigh Board Member].

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Ms. Kaywell Outerbridge said, “This award is very dear to me as Malcolm’s mom and a board member because his vision was to become a staunch advocate for Raleigh Bermuda and to mentor others. I felt honoured to present this award to AJ, with thanks from Deloitte, who continue to support the Malcolm K. Outerbridge Transformation Award.”

The Michael J. Spurling Raleigh Champion Award sponsored by Raleigh Founder Michael J. Spurling is presented to the participant who is an engaged, active volunteer and Raleigh advocate, chosen by the Executive Director.

Ms. Dany Pen, Raleigh Executive Director, said, “Congratulations AJ, we hope the award will help you transition into the next phase of your young adult life whether it be with education advancement, skill development, or support in your life’s journey.

“We are deeply proud of you and we hope you will remain always an active alumnus of the Raleigh family and continue to commit to being a champion of Raleigh in our community – locally and globally.”

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A spokesperson said, “For more details about Raleigh Bermuda’s Venturers’ Scholarship Programme, please contact Raleigh Bermuda at info@raleigh.bm or call 333-5678. Visit: www.Raleigh.bm.”

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