Column: An ‘Attempt To Rewrite History’

December 20, 2019

[Opinion column written by Chris Famous]

I read, with great interest, the latest op-ed, titled, ‘Method Of Do As I Say, Not As I Do’ by OBA Senator Dwayne Robinson.

He went to great lengths to attempt to paint the leadership of the Progressive Labour Party as disconnected from the plight of the Bermudian people.

It is interesting, yet sad, to see him attempt to rewrite history.

Or, is it that he does not know the full history of the parliamentarians and the party he chooses to align himself with?

Fact vs Fiction

Here are a few of his remarks:

“Where are the capital developments, where are the jobs…”

Perhaps Senator Robinson wishes to forget that there was a major announcement on Friday, December 13 by Tourism and Transport Minister Zane Desilva.

Let me help to jog his memory banks.

“Mr. Speaker, today I am delighted to report that an affiliate of Miami-based Gencom, a leading domestic and international investment and development firm, has completed the acquisition of the Fairmont Southampton.”

“Mr. Speaker, the major renovation of this large property will undoubtedly be costly and involve a host of people from a multitude of trades. There is little doubt that this will result in hundreds of jobs for Bermudians engaged in the construction and allied sectors. Additionally, it is expected that following the completion of the renovations to this iconic property, there will be additional tourism jobs for Bermudians to fill in the upgraded hotel.”

Fairmont Southhampton Bermuda Dec 2019

Yet another gem from Senator Robinson:

“The 2017 election was decided on the public perception of who listened and communicated with the people more; the next election and the elections to come will be decided on the same issue. The Premier is arrogant and dismissive due to his 14-seat victory.”

Again, let me jog his memory banks.

On November 21, a by-election was held, in which the voters of Pembroke Central voted 65 percent PLP to 35 percent OBA for the choice of a Member of Parliament.

This was the exact same vote share break down as the general election of 2017. Had the voters of Constituency 17 viewed the PLP as arrogant and dismissive, they would have surely begun to defect to the OBA.

History 101

Let me go so far as to give Senator Robinson one last history lesson before the year is up.

Nearly 20 years ago, a certain political group and their affiliates attempted to convince the masses that it was a bad thing to have fair and equal votes for all Bermudians via one elected person per seat.

They went so far as to organize a march to Government House in order to protest against any such changes.

Ironically, what they were protesting against had long been established in the United Kingdom itself.

A few years later, this same group attempted to convince the masses that “future care” for seniors, at a cost to seniors of only $500 per month was a bad thing.

They failed to mention that private insurers were charging, on average, $1300 per month per client.

Over and over, time and time again, this same political group and their allies have attempted to convince the masses that what was being proposed by the Progressive Labour Party was bad for the people of Bermuda.

Some prime examples:

  • Fast Ferries = Bad
  • Discounts for seniors at TCD = Bad
  • Inquiry into historic land thefts = Bad
  • Housing for Bermudian families in Paget = Bad
  • Mega cruise ship pier in Dockyard = Bad
  • Bipartisan immigration reform = Bad
  • Building of Dame Lois Browne-Evans building = Bad

Dockyard Ships Bermuda Dec 2019

So, should anyone be remotely surprised that they are, once again, attempting to persuade the population that various proposals to bring down the costs of living are bad?

Let us be crystal clear, the PLP, like any other political party or government around the world, is not perfect. Mistakes and miscalculations have been made. Overruns have happened.

Yet, our goals have always been, and continue to be, to raise the standard of living for all of the people of Bermuda.

This week, Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban was able to announce a reduction in electricity costs for Bermudians. The first such reduction in costs in over 15 years.

Yet, Senator Robinson and his affiliates have nothing to say about this.


Conversely, throughout the last two decades, the UBP, now OBA, and their affiliates have yet to bring to the public any tangible proposals that will change the trajectory of daily costs for Bermudian families.

Could it possibly be that a select few, yet powerful, of those that support them politically are the ones gaining the most from rises in consumer prices?

Hence, this political group and their senators attempt to paint the PLP as arrogant, whilst they themselves continue to fight in Parliament, in the Senate, and in the media for the continued status quo of rising prices.

They epitomise the magician, who uses the art of deflection with one hand to draw attention away from what they are actually doing with their other hand.

Ask yourselves this singular question:

“Who stands to gain the most by certain costs continuing to rise?”

The answer is crystal clear.

- Chris Famous


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Comments (41)

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  1. DF says:

    this simply does not address Dwayne Robinson’s column which was all about leadership of the PLP! Yet another ridiculous attempt by Mr Famous to rewrite history!

    • Bobby blue boots says:

      Hahaha what do you expect from wacky Cris Famous? The guy is off his bleeding rocker. He struggles to make coherent arguments instead usong rhetorical tricks of us and them…divide and rule right ahaha aleays tooting their own horn but NEVER acknowledge there countless faolings and shortcomings

    • Chris says:

      The gencom deal started negotiations under the OBA. Get your facts Famous! Still cannot believe we gave up a serious statesman for this guy.

  2. truthertz says:

    Ummm, the cost of living has significantly increased as a result of the last two budgets. Just about every tax and Government fee was hiked. .

    My land tax went up 30% alone in the last billing cycle. That alone wiped out any of the paltry 2% savings from the Belco ‘reduction.’ Sugar tax increased the price of food for all whilst the changes to the hospital financing saw people’s health insurance premiums jump by double digit percentages. The PLP has not lowered the cost of living for the vast majority. It has actually done the opposite. Those are irrefutable facts.

    No one thought those capital projects were ‘bad.’ What was ‘bad’ about them were the questionable contracts and the massive so called ‘overruns’ that occurred on each and everyone of them. Ironically that comment alone highlights that it is you Mr. Famous that is trying to rewrite history.

    • David says:

      100% spot on. I can’t help but wonder if MP Famous is pandering or is he truly that daft.

      • Onion Juice says:

        Some people will buck against PLP just like de Tea Party group bucked agsinst Obama and now endorse de @$$#0£€ thats in now.
        Been a while since I used my Race Card.

    • PHSee says:

      Ummmm….well. They way I see it was previously while I had almost nothing extra saved in the bank I was able to provide for my family put them thru school and lead a pretty good life and still afford to travel once or twice a year. Now I still have nothing, am struggling and have nothing to show for it. I don’t smoke do drugs or party. So Chris , not all is wonderful.


      Sorry CF …I’m not going to pretend that I am a fan of this PLP but I have voted for the PLP in the past. I also have the utmost respect for you and a handful of other MPs . However you have all lost your way. None of you have the “knots” to stand up for
      what “you believe” is right or say you disagree with something that you feel is wrong. It party all the way. This present government is in my opinion the worst we have ever seen in recent history. You campaign based on you individual beliefs and what YOU will do , but once elected you fall in line. I know the money as an MP is great and it comes with some travel perks but I would think reputation, courage and conviction to do what is right is worth much more

      • Entre Manure says:

        Christopher closes by saying: Ask yourselves this singular question:

        “Who stands to gain the most by certain costs continuing to rise?”

        Answer: You! Not the people, not the opposition. Did you get an increase in salary when the PLP was voted in? I haven’t had a raise in years? You going to blame the wholesalers because you raised the price of food by increasing foreign exchange, land tax, creating a sugar tax, TCD, and every other fee, tax, duty that you could think of.

        You want to make a point . Why don’t you promise us today that you will not raise a single f’n fee in the next three years! AND you will lower costs! are you willing to do that? CF , sad that you have become like the others that are in politics for the perceived power and money.

        Sad thing is that you will realize some day that many in UBP, OBA and PLP have learnt, when you don’t bring in the votes, you will be cast aside.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          “You going to blame the wholesalers because you raised the price of food by increasing foreign exchange, land tax, creating a sugar tax, TCD, and every other fee, tax, duty that you could think of.”

          As the all knowing OJ said below , to demonstrate the point , they don’t understand, all they can do is blame de oligarchy.

          *Easy, SpongeBob told seniors money dont grow on trees, we just dont get it (and turned around and gave $77 Million to Billionaires to play with their toy boats) and and tried to force workers to tale Furlough days to offset de cost,and reminding us that we are not economically smart enough to understand his fuzzied pie charts.
          Just to name a few!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *

          OJ should stick to playing with his drill sets although I wouldn’t let him drive a broom or a wheel barrow. And unfortunately that also goes for a whole lot of other people on this island as well .

  3. toadinthehole says:

    But you still cannot get a new bus schedule sorted, can you!?

    • Entre Manure says:

      I cant figure out how Jamal is still involved. He was gifted the casinos . All he had to do was make it happen! tThe groundwork was done, the laws were passed, so what happened exactly? . The gaming commission was organised and ready. How many years have we been paying rent, wages, etc for a gaming commission that is doing what exactly? Is anyone asking WTF Jamal is doing and how he could possibly screw this up?

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        The form of the Gaming Commission is the reason no respected casino will come here. You may recall that the law was changed to put the Commission under the control of the Finance Minister. As a result of that (in fear of corruption and money laundering) no reputable bank will accept proceeds of gaming from Bermuda. This is not just about local banks. Correspondent banks will not touch that money either.

  4. sandgrownan says:

    Mmmm….me thinks Famous don’t read too good.

  5. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    Famous flapping his chops again with his made up BS.

  6. Andrew says:

    Nice try Famous..nice try…lol

  7. TR says:

    Where are the jobs at now? If the PLP has done so well since 2018 where is the economic movement?

    With Fairmont Princess you don’t have a clue what your talking about, many overseas trades will be required, there will be a few jobs for Bermudians but this is far from the saviour.

    Your article does not address any of the issues at hand, you have just rambled.

    How persons like yourself even end up in Government is the problem….

  8. Guy Smiley says:

    First time reading so many misleading statements in one piece.

    Was the South P purchase before or after Robinson’s Op Ed? The 25m investment was only in today’s….. Can you name one other similar thing by the PLP in the now many many years of their government ship? And you’ve discounted overruns like it was pocket change and not repeatedly done and in shady shady deals.

    The regulatory authority is an INDEPENDENT body. The PLP has nothing to do with that reduction. AND the savings is 2.3% of a monthly bill. Lmao. On a $200 bill you’ll save enough (6 whole dollars) for a sugar taxed pack of m&m’s and an extra Tradewinds iced tea…..for the MONTH.

    PLP – you guys are jokers.

  9. Nothing to say says:

    Famous is an idi0t!

    OBA has nothing to say about BELCO reduction because it is a minuscule amount compared to the tax hikes of the PLP!

    I hope your supporters enjoy their XMAS festivities because come 2020 the people who voted for you are going to fell the pain!

  10. somuchless says:

    Famous please re-read the script because you went way off topic.

  11. Gina Ingham says:

    Ummmm…… did this guy get voted in over Bob Richardson?

    • Bermuda says:

      Makes you wonder doesn’t it. You can put a suit on a guy and he gets elected, this is a problem. We deserve better. We need demand more for our vote.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        No you don’t. The voters are getting exactly what the majority wanted. They are getting what they deserve.

        They throw out an MP of the quality that Bob Richards is & vote in Chris Famous! Anyone on the outside looking in at Bermuda must be saying to themselves “What were those people thinking?”

        Winston Churchill had it right. “The most convincing argument AGAINST Democracy is a five minute conversation with an average voter”.

    • OMG says:

      That’s Bob Richards. CF won because he could “talk the talk” and “walk the walk”

    • Onion Juice says:

      Easy, SpongeBob told seniors money dont grow on trees, we just dont get it (and turned around and gave $77 Million to Billionaires to play with their toy boats) and and tried to force workers to tale Furlough days to offset de cost,and reminding us that we are not economically smart enough to understand his fuzzied pie charts.
      Just to name a few!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • wahoo says:

        Clearly he was right about your grasp of the economy.

      • Question says:

        No, he was right. You’re not smart enough.

      • Johnt says:

        No …. the Furlough days were to avoid having to sack a large portion of the civil service In an attempt to manage the crippling budget deficit (look it up) and debt the PLP have landed this country in (and yes the 3 odd billion of debt lies almost entirely at the door of the PLP (again look up budget deficit) due in part to to the overrun and over budget capital projects of the PLP)

  12. question says:

    This whole column is an attempt to rewrite history.

  13. Huh says:

    Are you really trying to take credit for Fairmont Southampton’s acquisition? That has been in the works longer than your party was in power. Stop trying to take ownership of history and start doing your job

  14. B to M says:

    The only thing to do is pity the author. It’s a case of cognitive impairment.

  15. Joe Bloggs says:

    I think the disclaimer got left out.

    “This is a paid political announcement on behalf of the Progressive Labour Party”.

  16. Charlly X says:

    Well it’s obvious the senator is under the influence of his party leader ! While Famous is just being himself. Both Robinson and Famous are on the same page but different teams . The young senator needs a few history lessons unbiased!! The oba leader needs to pack it in ! I used to think he could lead but after jetgate ! He let us know personal business over country. So if I followed him I’d probably do the same . Most politicians just give lip service anyhow . It’s all about who plays the drum best to be influential to the masses . We will see because ” Time Tells All” !!
    Have a Great Day!

  17. steve says:

    The commitment to refurbish HP is great news.What did the PLP have to do with it? Cause a delay?
    I know 100% That was in the works when you were an before the election. I am sure both fairmont and Gencom would tell you themselves if you asked. or maybe you did ask and then left out the answer because you are a flag waving bu%ls$i**er.

  18. spinspinspin says:

    Can someone please silence this useless mouthpiece? He’s barely literate, and his opinions are so disconnected from the actual facts that he makes Trump look like a bastion of truth.

    If you’re reading Chris’ articles and thinking ‘this guy really gets it’, then you really don’t.

  19. Rocky5 says:

    Its obvious that young Mr. Robinson really struck a “PLP Nerve” to warrant this rambling tirade of errant nonsense from Mr. Famous. The Opposition under our Constitution is supposed to hold the Govt to account, get over it MP Famous, keep on trucking Mr. Robinson – your obviously getting under the PLP’S skin!

  20. Alvin Williams says:

    OBA talking points a common thing these days on the part of politicians in the hope of turning the political tide.

  21. This type of article is exactly BERMUDA’s problem says:

    Thank you Mr Famous for clearly illustrating the problem confronting BERMUDA today.

    Instead of admitting the country has a problem and reaching out to seek the assistance of all the resources available to help fix it, whether those resources are the folks we want to reach out to…

    You continue sow the divide and us and them rhetoric.

    You are way off mark. Many of us Bermudians really don’t care who brought what incremental success because that is the job of our leaders. We
    Care about forward thinking and planning so that in 20 years BERMUDA is a better place for our children and grandchildren.

    I am sorry sir but your thought process and the behavior of this administration does not exhibit forward thinking.

    That is ok but admit you all need help and let’s work together to fix our cou try’s problem.

    The constant empty pontification and is against them or the beloved two BERMUDA rhetoric is a failing narrative.

    Time to up your game PLP. Can you do it??

  22. Far away says:

    You go know hold to get going…they fall for it everytime..

    • saud says:

      Yup, they love to suffer, that’s why they keep voting for …this. LOL