Third ‘Gold Hunt’ Event Offers $500 Prize

November 30, 2022

GoldhuntBDA is an opportunity for all treasure hunters on the island to put their skills to the test in a search for $500 hidden somewhere around the island.

A spokesperson said, “Adam Johnson and Will Hillier the founders of GoldhuntBDA came across the gold hunt concept while living out in Vancouver, Canada. They participated in a gold hunt Canada event that had teams of people explore the history and the unique neighborhoods found across the city, all in an effort to find a significant prize.

“After doing their best to get close to the treasure and really enjoying their experience they thought it would be great to host a similar hunt in Bermuda. Bermuda has a long and interesting history coupled with unique geography and locations that makes the island a fantastic place to host such events. Many of the island’s parks have well-known historical landmarks or features that make for great hiding spots and clue markers. The purpose of GoldhuntBDA is for contestants to get outside, have fun, and learn something new about Bermuda.

“GoldhuntBDA held its first event this past summer on June 4th. This event was a great opportunity for the team to test the concept and they had 13 participants who thoroughly enjoyed the hunt. The GoldhuntBDA teams have big dreams of expanding the prize from $500 – $10,000. As well as offering hunts to tourists visiting this island’s shores.

“GoldhuntBDA is not your average treasure hunt. Riddles are released at 9 am on the first day of the hunt. Participants then work to solve these riddles which will lead them to the treasure. The GoldhuntBDA Team encourages the treasure hunters to use their knowledge of history and Bermuda’s geography to help them in their efforts. Contestants should note that this is not a scavenger hunt and as such, they do not need to go to multiple locations to uncover further clues.

“Participants can join the hunt by purchasing a Treasure Map online from PTIX: Tickets can be purchased in advance of the launch of the hunt and will remain on sale until the treasure has been found. The next Goldhunt takes place on the 10th of December. To find out more please follow @goldhuntbda on Instagram.”

GoldhuntBDA Bermuda December 2022

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