BTA Wins Three Platinum Viddy Awards

December 15, 2022

The Bermuda Tourism Authority won three Platinum Viddy Awards for the ‘Lost Yet Found’ campaign video.

A spokesperson said, “The Viddy Awards announced that out of 2500 submissions from over 21 countries, Bermuda Tourism Authority’s [BTA] Lost Yet Found campaign was named the winner of three Platinum Viddy Awards.

  • “1. Non-Broadcast, Short form Web Videos < 3 Minutes, Travel/Adventure
  • “2. Non-Broadcast, Short form Web Videos < 3 Minutes, Culture/Lifestyle
  • “3. Non-Broadcast, Non-Broadcast Creativity, Videography

“The Viddy Awards is an international competition honoring video excellence in a digital world. Judges are industry professionals who look for companies and individuals whose talent exceeds a high standard of excellence and whose work serves as a benchmark for the industry.

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Tracy Berkeley, interim CEO of BTA commented, “I commend the team for the hard work that resulted in winning three Platinum Viddy Awards. As an organization we are differentiating our destination, and this industry recognition shows that we are on the right path.” She continued, “we will remain focused as we continue to push Bermuda’s brand forward.”

“It is an honour that the work that we are doing is receiving such great recognition. This campaign is the result of collaborative efforts put forward by BTA, as well as Burnt House Media, and Proverb Agency, two Bermudian led organizations,” said Jamari Douglas, BTA VP of Marketing, PR & Communications. “I am fortunate to be a part of a forward-thinking team and am thankful for them as well as everyone else who was involved in bringing Lost Yet Found to life. The campaign will remain prominent in key markets as we continue to drive visitation.”

“The Lost Yet Found campaign centers Bermuda’s natural beauty and authentic culture, which includes its beaches, natural wonders, history, and its people. The campaign was launched in September with a focus on digital and out-of-home placements in high-interest locations such as New York, Boston Toronto, Miami, Dallas, Vancouver, and Atlanta,” the BTA said.

“Reinventing and reimagining places with an authentic lens is our calling card. With the Lost Yet Found campaign, we flipped the framing of Bermuda – no longer from the lens of the tourist, but through the perspective of Bermudians and how they see themselves,” said Daren Bascome, Founder and Managing Partner of Proverb Agency.

“This award recognizes the team’s innovation and impactful storytelling, and more importantly, showcases to the world the power that rebranding campaigns like Lost Yet Found have in driving positive social change and economic growth.”

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