BBC: Bevan Facing Loss Of Pension In Court

January 11, 2023

Former accountant Jeffrey Bevan, “who stole nearly £2m from the Bermuda government” is facing a hearing to determine if he will lose his pension.

A BBC story said, “A former Welsh government and BBC accountant who stole nearly £2m from the Bermuda government faces a hearing to decide if he will lose his pension.

“Jeffrey Bevan, 55, from Cwmbran, made fake payments into his bank account and bought luxury cars and property.

File photo of Bevan

Jeffrey Bevan Bermuda Nov 25 2022

“He manipulated a government payment system he was employed to set up in Bermuda in 2011. Bevan will face a hearing next month to decide whether his £18,800 pension will be confiscated.

“Prosecutor Timothy Evans told the court that the financial investigator working on the case had not put the pension forward as an ‘available asset’ during the original confiscation process, as Bevan was not old enough to receive it.

“Cardiff Crown Court heard that if the pension was drawn down now, it could be worth around £18,800. A judge will decide the matter at a proceeds of crime hearing on 3 February. The court previously heard how Bevan moved to Bermuda for the £80,000 job in 2011.

“Cash transferred from the government account was used to buy two Mercedes Benz cars for £30,000, a property in Newport, two flats in Glasgow, six properties in Swansea and two units in Nottingham.”

You can read the full story here on BBC.

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