Chatmore Students Sing To Alzheimer’s Group

January 4, 2023

Students from Chatmore British International School joined Hayley Francis Cann, Neurologic Music Therapist from Synergy Music Therapy & Wellness, to sing to the participants of the Action on Alzheimer’s & Dementia [AAD] group last Monday.

A spokesperson said, “Three times a year, Chatmore sets aside one week for immersive learning experiences linked to curriculum units and goals called Dynamic Learning Weeks. Students can choose from a variety of offerings ranging from Trades/Construction through to Improv.”

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School Director, Mrs. Britanni Butterworth, shared that “through select community partnerships, we are able to provide our students with real-world learning that further develops the skills needed to navigate their future.”

“Our most recent Dynamic Learning Week began on October 31st and linked to their Brianwaves Unit: a cross-school multi-week unit that engages students in learning about their brain and how they learn best,” stated Mrs. Butterworth.

The spokesperson said, “One Dynamic Learning Week offering was Music with Synergy MT. Hayley Francis-Cann, Synergy MT’s founder, engaged students in discussions about dementia and the benefits of music in a therapeutic setting.”

“We have been learning a couple of popular songs from our AAD music therapy groups and the children have responded really well”, she said. “They were singing along and would say ‘my parents have played this music before!’.”

The spokesperson said, “Students learned about different types of dementia and how it impacts memory. After their week of practice, students visited the AAD group to sing along with the group participants. Songs included ‘How Much is That Doggie in the Window?’, ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ and ‘Rock Around the Clock’.”

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“It was amazing to see how the energy of the students fed into the group,” Hayley stated. “Some of the students were quite reluctant but many were extremely engaging. It’s great to expose students to different career paths at a young age, especially in healthcare and therapies.

“We are grateful to AAD Founder Liz Stewart and group coordinator, Jane Bothello for supporting this partnership.” Students also enjoyed the experience and used musical instruments and dance to bring the music to life. “I loved singing with the participants. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would,” shared Sophine, Milepost 2 student.

The spokesperson said, “Students joined the AAD Group once again before the holidays to share in some holiday spirit, this time inviting more of their fellow learners to share in the experience.”

“Intergenerational learning has immense benefits for all involved and this is part of what Chatmore promotes as a family-centred school. We know that there is so much to learn from others and social cohesion is so important right now. What an awesome opportunity for young students to develop mutual learning relationships with valuable members of our community,” shared Andrea Cann, Chatmore’s Assistant Director.

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“We appreciate the partnership with Synergy MT. Their approach to music supports the whole child and it is so important for students to have this creative outlet, different from traditional music classes,” noted Mrs. Butterworth. Chatmore and Synergy MT intend to continue this initiative, supporting an inclusive mindset around what we can learn from one another.

The spokesperson said, “Chatmore, located at 9 St. Mark’s Road, provides a nurturing learning environment for students ages 4-18 years. Synergy MT services the community through music therapy and wellness practices throughout the lifespan. To learn more about Chatmore visit and to learn more about Synergy MT, visit

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