Video: Bermudian English Panel Discussion

January 30, 2023

Bermudian English was recently highlighted in a webinar by the Oxford English Dictionary’s YouTube channel, with the panelists commenting on the uniqueness of the Bermudian vocabulary.

The video’s description says, “In 2021, the Oxford English Dictionary was updated to include a set of Bermudian English entries, to which Dr Rosemary Hall’s description of this variety of English contributed [including to the development of a Bermudian English pronunciation model].

“In this talk, the panelists commented on the uniqueness of Bermudian English, and the fact that many of the word evidence sources are found in dialect parody texts. They also explained how academic research can be used to inform OED updates, using this as an example.

“The talk covered:

  • The Bermudian English variety and its description [watch from 00:00 – 12:48]
  • Using academic research in OED updates [watch from 12:48 – 24:43]
  • The Bermudian English pronunciation model [watch from 24:43 – 38:44]
  • Dialect parody – why it happens, and the caveats of using it as lexicographic evidence [watch from 38:44 until the end]

“Read more about Bermudian English in the OED here.”

Bermudian words added to the OED in the March 2021 update

  • aceboy, n.
  • acegirl, n.
  • Bermudian English, adj. and n.
  • chingas, int.
  • chopse, v.
  • chopsing, n.
  • go long, phrase in ‘long, adv.2
  • Gombey, n.
  • greeze, n.
  • gribble, adj.
  • mice, v.
  • mug, adj.2
  • Onion, n.
  • well, adj. and n.3
  • wrinch, v.2

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