Dr Chris Fosker Earns UTDRO Alumni Award

February 22, 2023

Dr Chris Fosker received the 2022 Alumni Award from the University of Toronto’s Department of Radiation Oncology [UTDRO].

A spokesperson said, “Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre [the Centre] is pleased to announce that one of their oncologists has been recognised internationally for their outstanding work in Bermuda. Dr Chris Fosker, Medical Director and clinical oncologist at the Centre, received the 2022 Alumni Award from the University of Toronto’s Department of Radiation Oncology [UTDRO].

“Dr Fosker was a Research Fellow at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre [PMH], working and studying within their UTDRO department in 2011/2012. The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is world-renowned and ranked globally in the top ten cancer centres. Many of their graduates have gone on to have distinguished careers, thereby affecting change, innovation and impact nationally and internationally. The UTDRO Alumni Award is designed to recognise excellence in professional creativity, education, research, and global health following graduation from their training programmes.”

Dr Chris Fosker 2022 Alumni Award UTDRO February 2023

The Alumni Award Committee commented they were “vastly impressed by Dr Fosker’s impact on global health, especially regarding his leadership in establishing and continuous support of the first radiation unit in Bermuda”.

“It was a wonderful shock to find out about the award. It’s always humbling to receive an award that is about our team. I had an amazing experience at PMH I was there as an academic fellow, learning a huge amount about research. Upon reflection, I took away the importance of setting people up to succeed. The PMH fellowship is designed to empower and support their fellows to be their best by creating a supportive environment built around success,” acknowledges Dr Fosker.

“When I look at what has allowed us to be successful at the Centre, it’s those foundations. We appreciate that the most important aspect of our care is our team and our patients, and we work tirelessly to make sure everyone is allowed to do their best. Having that leadership role recognised by an independent overseas institution, such as PMH, is extremely rewarding.”

The spokesperson said, “Initially employed by BHB, Dr Fosker moved to Bermuda in 2015 and played an instrumental role in bringing radiation therapy to the Island. Dr Fosker worked part-time with Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre and was hands-on from inception, contributing to the design and team recruitment at Bermuda’s only radiation therapy unit. He has been treating patients at the radiation unit since it opened on May 23, 2017. Dr Fosker joined Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre full-time in January 2023, bringing their number of full-time oncologists to two.”

“The Centre had seen continued support and growth in the area of radiation oncology and hired our first full-time radiation oncologist, Dr Patrick Murray, in 2020 “, says Lynne Woolridge, CEO of Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre.

“As part of the Centre’s strategic planning, it was identified that the Centre needed a Medical Director to manage the clinical aspects of diagnostic imaging and oncology due to the constant change in medical technology and techniques in diagnostic imaging and cancer treatment, including new radiation services, and we were thrilled when Dr Fosker accepted the position.”

“The burden of cancer continues to challenge us all. Being at the Centre full time allows me to focus on areas of change within cancer care that will be impactful and sustainable for all,” says Dr Fosker.

The spokesperson said, “Dr Fosker continues to engage with the Island’s cancer stakeholders to explore all avenues to improve cancer care on Island. On behalf of the Centre, Dr Fosker and consultant Dr Case lead Bermuda’s push forward with developing a national cancer control plan [NCCP]. The NCCP will help identify pathways to reduce the cancer burden and improve services for cancer patients and their families by implementing systematic, equitable, evidence-based strategies for prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and palliation. Dr Fosker also remains fully engaged with the BHB-led project looking at integrative cancer care pathways, work which is overseen by Scott Pearman, BHB deputy CEO, and aims to improve patient experience and outcome by looking at our patient’s cancer journeys.

For information on cancer prevention programmes and diagnostic and cancer treatment services provided by Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre, visit www.cancer.bm.

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