‘Pirates Of Bermuda’ Fundraiser On March 18

February 1, 2023

Bermuda Sloop Foundation [BSF] has announced the ‘Pirates of Bermuda Walk the Plank’ fundraiser is set to go ahead on March 18, 2023, off Albuoy’s Point aboard Spirit of Bermuda.

A spokesperson said, “The annual event raises funds for the Foundation’s experiential education and life-skills programmes for Bermuda’s public middle school students. Local ‘hostages’ have been nominated to ‘walk the plank’ off Spirit into the waters of Hamilton Harbour. People can choose to save them or sink them by making donations towards their ransom — or towards having him/her ‘walk the plank’.”

A look at last year’s event

Robin Hamill, BSF CEO, said: “Our hostages have big hearts, a passion for raising money for a great cause and are willing to jump into the chilly waters of Hamilton Harbour. We really appreciate their willingness to give their time like this. Our pirates will not take mercy on anyone!

“It’s always a great day – whether you’re a hostage, crew member, volunteer, or spectator. Our supporters always look forward to our ‘Walk the Plank’ event as they can watch some of our most infamous Bermudians take a dive into the briny deep.”

He went on to say: “This is our most popular fundraiser of the year. Our priority has always been to enable all public M3 middle school students to participate in our world-class, five-day experiential learning voyages at no cost.

“All proceeds from the event go to these programmes, which support Bermuda’s young people at a critical time in their life – teaching them skills like teamwork, self- regulation, relationship skills, and critical thinking. Since the Spirit’s maiden voyage in 2006 our youth development voyages have impacted over 7,500 students.”

The spokesperson said, “Previous hostages have included the Right Reverend Nicholas Dill, Senator Lindsay Simmons, Curtis Dickinson, Georgia Marshall, Linda Bogle-Mienzer and many, many more. Visit Ptix.bm to donate.”


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