AA To Suspend Miami Flight This Summer

February 1, 2023

American Airlines will suspend the Miami to Bermuda flight this summer, the Government has confirmed.

Minister of Transport Wayne Furbert said, “We are disappointed to learn that American Airlines will suspend the service from Bermuda to Miami through this summer. We’ve held meetings with American Airlines to find alternative solutions; however, they have indicated that Bermuda is one of many markets in which they have been forced to reduce summer capacity.

“American Airlines indicated that they intend to return to the Miami market in November 2023. From our discussions with American, they have been clear that this is a business decision based on flight crew availability constraints.

“They feel that the Bermuda demand levels anticipated this summer can be accommodated on their Charlotte, New York and Philadelphia services.

Minister Furbert added, “Bermuda will also have expanded service to other major airports, with United Airlines’ service from Newark starting next month and JetBlue’s new daily seasonal service from New York [LaGuardia] beginning in May.

“We understand the loss of the direct service will inconvenience residents and visitors. The Ministry of Transport and our partners will continue to engage with airlines, including incumbent airlines and others that do not currently provide air service to Bermuda, to increase Bermuda’s airlift.”

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    Hello, summer is high season in Bermuda. Clearly the BTA is not getting tourists here, yet they get paid around $25 million a year of taxpayers money. For what? Take about $10 million away and use it to subsidize daily flights to/from Boston and Miami at least. How the BTA can push visiting Bermuda from Boston when there is no flight shows how stupid they are.

    • Micro says:

      Because Jetblue is flying out of Boston starting May 5…

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Why are you blaming the BTA for the world-wide shortage of aircraft and support staff? As AA said, “this is a business decision based on flight crew availability constraints”.

      AA will go where the greatest profit is. That is not the Bermuda-Miami route in the summer. It will come back in November when Bermudians want to go to their winter homes in Florida.

  2. Reflections of? says:

    The former minister had to stick his nose into the BTA. He pushed away some amazing and talented people, and like the Tasmanian Devil, he was gone. The same was done at the Casino and Gaming Commission. Made changes, chased away the talent and then poof he was gone. Thanks PLP.

  3. puzzled says:

    The volume is not here nor there anymore.
    Simple math for the airlines.

  4. sandgrownan says:

    If there was demand, you can bet that AA would run that flight.

    • Trufth says:

      That’s a FACT! Airlines are in it to make money where there is money to be made. No one is coming here anymore. They aren’t a charity nor are they into doing favors for overpriced, outdated Bermuda.

      We are the only ones who think Bermuda is special.

      We. Are. Not. Special.

  5. Marine Life says:

    AA has had a negative vibe for some time. Always bad news from them. They strand passengers. They have done that here to. Many complaints come from their flights. I don’t hear issues from other carriers like I do with AA. Let them go. Jet Blue and Delta much better. American does not represent well at all. Sad.
    Nonetheless, it is happening on the ‘watch’ of the Government as well. Not good. Another bad candidate just like American Airlines. Our downward spiral continues as we see another dart thrown at us.

  6. Question says:

    Another disaster for Bermuda brought to you by the most inept government in Bermuda’s history.

  7. Mike McEwan says:

    Can we please get a Baltimore/ Bermuda flight again?

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      I expect the Washington D.C. flight to return for the summer. That is when there is most demand is for that route.