Butterfield Sponsors ‘Beyond’ Programmes

April 26, 2023 | 0 Comments

Family Centre said they are “pleased to welcome Butterfield’s support for its Beyond Rugby and Beyond Yoga programmes, which aim to positively impact the lives of children in Bermuda.”

A spokesperson said, “The Beyond programmes are designed to decrease common barriers to participation in sport, promote a learning ready mindset amongst youth, encourage positive physical health and mental well-being, and encourage young people in Bermuda to choose positive lifestyles, resist anti-social behaviour and achieve academic progress despite the challenges they face.

“This year, Family Centre aims to deliver over 100 sessions a year, reaching around 90 public school students who would benefit from additional support structures in their lives.

Butterfield Family Centre Bermuda April 2023

“Beyond Rugby Bermuda is run in partnership with CedarBridge Academy and the Berkeley Institute while Beyond Yoga Bermuda is run in partnership with Dellwood Middle School.

“Both programmes aim to give their participants the tools they need to set themselves up for success in life, such as confidence, social skills, self-regulation, resiliency and an overall sense of well-being while developing a learning mindset. Coaching and support staff are specifically trained to work with youth who may demonstrate trauma-based behaviour. All students are provided with a snack during training, a meal afterward and transportation home.”

A Butterfield spokesperson said: “We are pleased to be able to support Family Centre in its mission to provide education opportunities that encourage healthy lifestyles and mental well-being for young people in our community.”

Dr. Sandy De Silva, Executive Director of Family Centre, said: “Family Centre is incredibly grateful for Butterfield’s commitment and support offered towards our Beyond programmes through their sponsorship of the transportation costs.

“We provide transportation for the youth in our Beyond Programmes at no cost to families ensuring that there is no barrier to participation in the programmes and that our students arrive home safely after each session. Butterfield’s support helps to strengthen our island’s youth and affect positive, long-term change in our community.”

The spokesperson said, “To learn more about Family Centre’s Beyond programmes, visit www.tfc.bm. Students who would like to take part in Beyond Rugby or Beyond Yoga should speak to their guidance counsellors at Dellwood Middle School, CedarBridge Academy, and the Berkeley Institute.”

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