City Of Hamilton Board Sworn Into Office

May 12, 2023 | 0 Comments

Earlier today, the City Board was sworn into office following Thursday’s municipal election.

A spokesperson said, “Councillors Jenefer Brimmer, RoseAnne Edwards, and George Scott were successful in their bids for office, as well as newcomer Shawn Brown.

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“The successful residential Councillors joined their business representative Councillors, along with Mayor Gosling, whose seats were uncontested in the election.”

Mayor Gosling said of the occasion, “I want to thank the retuning City Councillors for standing for the Council and for the future of the City. We have two very interesting years ahead of us. We have the case before the Privy Council to do with our constitutional rights, as well as those of all Bermudians, in terms of the protection of their properties.

“The Corporation has paved its way from the very get-go. It is not for any party to suddenly determine it is theirs and for their pleasure only. The original Act of the Corporation states very clearly that the monies of the Council and those collected from the rate payers shall be invested for the upkeep of the City. We are willing to support the Government in any way we can, but our focus is directly on the City itself.”

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The spokesperson said, “Mayor Gosling welcomed Councillor Shawn Brown to the City and spoke fondly of outgoing Councillor Henry Ming stating that he has been a great guardian of the Council and wished him well in his future endeavours.”

Mayor Gosling added, “I believe very much in the team aspect, that includes the Executive and the employees of the City, and together we can continue to do wonderful things”.

City Board Hamilton Swearing-In Ceremony May 2023_3

The spokesperson said, “All members will serve a tenure of no longer than two years, as dictated by the Municipalities Amendment Act 2023 that was passed in March of this year.”

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