BNG Pay Tribute To D. George Peterich

June 21, 2023

The Bermuda National Gallery [BNG] paid tribute to the late D. George Peterich, saying that ”his contribution to BNG over the past 30 years, and to Bermuda’s art community, is immeasurable.”

Bermuda National Gallery Chairman Gary Phillips said, “A restless and indefatigable enthusiast of the arts, George Peterich served as Trustee of the Bermuda Fine Art Trust [“The Bermuda National Gallery”] for close to three decades – having been invited to share his talents and experiences by his friend and Founding Trustee, Mr. Jay Bluck.

“George’s encyclopaedic intelligence of the arts across many disciplines made him a most valuable resource, as well as a champion and friend of the Bermuda National Gallery.

“On behalf of the Trustees, both past and present, the administration and staff of BNG, I extend our sincerest condolences to George’s gracious partner Marijke as well as their family and friends – not only here in Bermuda but in the Netherlands and other parts of the world.”

Photo courtesy of the Bermuda National Gallery:

D. George Peterich BNG Tribute June 2023

Bermuda National Gallery Executive Director Peter Lapsley said, “It is with great sadness that I note the passing of George Peterich, former Bermuda National Gallery Trustee and Committee member. George was a champion of the arts and his contribution to BNG over the past 30 years, and to Bermuda’s art community, is immeasurable.

“I knew George both inside and outside my role at BNG. He was a tireless champion of art and design, who approached his passions with an unflinching sincerity and adherence to a quality of craft and concept.

“This was never more apparent than in George’s role as a BNG Trustee and Committee member, where he was not one to accept the status quo and was certainly not willing to agree to an exhibition or collection without a spirited discussion. Whilst sometimes challenging to an Executive Director, it was the sort of focus on fidelity that differentiates the good from the great and both BNG and I were the grateful recipient of his time, efforts and kindness.

“Our thoughts are with his partner Marijke and their family, both in Bermuda and the Netherlands, as they navigate this difficult time. The world was a more interesting place with George in it and he will be deeply missed.”

Bermuda National Gallery Curator [2016-2019] Sophie Cressall said, “As I write, I am aware that George is looking over my shoulder… and so, a little nervous…please bear with me George and forgive any grammatical errors! George Peterich, you are going to be greatly missed!

“I first met George Peterich in a professional context while working at the Bermuda National Gallery, and through conversations with him I came to cherish his immense knowledge about art, history, language, culture, birds, plants and flying – to name just a few areas of interest.

“He would lend me art books, and critically analyze whether the German, Dutch, French or English version was more successful, and then describe the experience he had when seeing the original artwork. I cherished these conversations, as I am sure many others who had similar conversations with him did.

“George always listened and considered the many perspectives people had, yet held you to account if your perspective was not thought through.

“Above all else, George Peterich was the kindest, and the most thoughtful person I have had the privilege of knowing. George, I wish you were still with us.”

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