Column: Pride Month: A Resounding Silence

June 2, 2023

Taj Donville-Outerbridge Bermuda June 21 2022

[Opinion column written by Taj Donville-Outerbridge]

“Your silence will not protect you.” – Audre Lorde

Yesterday marked the beginning of the internationally celebrated pride month and yet the silence was resounding. Aside from a few logo changes and some social media posts there was silence that spoke volumes. The Government of Bermuda have once again missed a vital opportunity to recognize and celebrate an integral part of the local community. Local and international businesses failed to yield my call for them to publicly lobby the government to affect change. Local human rights activist, allies, and members of the LGBTQ+ community also largely remined silent. And perhaps most disappointingly, OUTBermuda and Bermuda Pride, have once again failed to show meaningful visibility on a national scale. If one didn’t know any better it would seem as if everyone, including the local LGBTQ+ community, would have the start of this month, and perhaps even the entire month, go by in silence.

And to you all I say, ‘your silence will not protect you.’ This is your call to action to utilize the remaining 28 days of this month to be visible. In this crucial time when LGBTQ+ lives are becoming increasing vulnerable worldwide, simply posting on social media and being visible during one weekend in August is not enough. We all must be visible all year round and what better time for you to start practicing than during this month. Pride Month, much like IDAHOBIT, provides the perfect catalyst and opportunity through which to share resources, educate, build community, and show allyship so why let it go by in silence. Despite what some may think, Bermuda is yet to be in a place where we can afford to let salient and vital opportunities like this one go by without recognition. This silence suggests to the powers at be that current state of affairs in Bermuda is acceptable. If do not use our voices effectively and consistently to challenge the government and provide them with ways in which they can make our lives better than nothing will ever change. I will do part my part…will you?

Unlike those who have failed us; I will always be boldly and unapologetically visible, no matter the consequences.

I will be visible for those in my community who still feel they have no choice but to hide in the shadows of their self-imposed ‘closet’. I hope you one day get to experience the beautiful freedom of living as your authentic self.

I will be visible for those in my community who cower behind the false vail of security that is heteronormativity. I hope you one day realize being queer is beautiful because it is a bold act of defiance.

I will be visible for those in my community who have rightly abandoned their home for greener pastures where they can thrive. I hope you’ll use your voice and talents to help move Bermuda towards being a place we can all proudly and safely call home.

I will be visible for those in my community who have always been visible. Thank you, Linda, Mark, Chrissy, and many others. You can rest assured your existence and your tireless work for the community will not be in vain; I am living proof of that.

I will be visible for all the LGBTQ+ Bermudians who are not born yet or are too young to use their voice. May my voice, through these articles, be the reassuring light at the end of the arduous tunnel that is growing up queer in Bermuda, you can make it.

I will be visible for my Bermudian trans and intersex siblings who are often forgotten and left behind by our own community. I hope you one day get to live in a world that fully allows, supports, and celebrates your existence.

And perhaps, most importantly, I will be visible for my younger self who would have benefitted greatly from the presence of my voice in the national media.

Happy Pride Month to all LGBTQ+ Bermudians both on and off the island and both in and out of the closet! Pride is for all of us, don’t forget that. And in the words of my dear friend, and a true Bermudian icon, ‘stay fabulous’.

To close, if want to know why pride month is important check out my column from last year on the subject. And if you are looking for ways you can be a better ally, google is your friend but I have also provided some clear guidance in some of my previous works.

- Taj Donville-Outerbridge is an award-winning Bermudian human rights activist and student studying at Kings College London. Most importantly, however, he is human. He can be reached via Instagram @_king.taj_ or via email @

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    “The Government of Bermuda have once again missed a vital opportunity to recognize and celebrate an integral part of the local community.”

    Sadly, the PLP Government has not “missed” anything. It has intentionally avoided any mention of a segment of

  2. Cheryl Hayward-Chew says:

    Happy Pride Month, Taj,
    Yes, is vital for you to stay visible! A beacon for those who are not shining their own light … yet.

  3. saud says:

    The government of Bermuda is proud of their homophobia and racism.
    It’s their turn, as they say.