BermudAir Airline Tickets Now For Sale

August 24, 2023 | 15 Comments

BermudAir has officially launched, with tickets on sale now for flights to Boston, Fort Lauderdale and New York, with service to two destinations set to start on August 31st, while service to Florida will start on September 22nd.

A spokesperson said, “BermudAir makes history today, launching as Bermuda’s first flagship carrier to service year-round business and tourism travel with comfort, connectivity, and convenience. The airline, which has been entirely privately funded, officially confirmed that tickets go on sale today for its first three direct routes.

“Service will begin with flights between Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport [BDA] and Boston Logan International Airport [BOS]; Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport [FLL]; and Westchester County Airport [HPN], conveniently located near New York City. Service connecting BDA to BOS and HPN commences on August 31, with service to FLL beginning on September 22.

“These new direct routes offer travellers from those cities and surrounding areas greater access to Bermuda, providing a premium travel option with average flight times of around two hours.”

“We are excited to launch BermudAir as Bermuda’s first carrier, maintaining our commitment to start filling seasonal service gaps and establish frequency of service to and from the island this fall, ” said BermudAir Founder & CEO Adam Scott.

“Our mission to elevate the travel experience for everyone and provide well-timed, traveller-centric, stress-free flights on these new routes is just the beginning. Establishing this year-round service is a first step in our journey to redefine the travel experience and we look forward to rolling out our phased introduction of BermudAir’s Aisle Class.”

He added,”BermudAir offers anyone concerned about time-efficiency, frequency and consistency in air service to and from Bermuda with a new option, focused on those travellers needs.”

BermudAir airline aircraft in Bermuda Island airport Aug 2023 JS (3)

“The phased introduction will see BermudAir’s Embraer E175 aircraft begin service with a standard 88-seat configuration. Only 44 seats will be sold for each flight – all with both window and aisle access and plenty of space for carry-on bags – ensuring a comfortable and spacious in-flight experience for travellers.

“All flights include free Wi-Fi and entertainment, and at least one complimentary checked bag [or more, depending on fare]. BermudAir will provide a distinguished level of onboard service, offering travellers freshly prepared light meals and beverage selections from local partners on the island. The exceptional onboard experience and attentive service will be a signature BermudAir offering.

“Following delivery of highly customised and game-changing seating suites on November 1, 2023, a first for a short-haul airline, BermudAir will usher in a new era of business class air travel with the introduction of Aisle Class, a seating concept that eliminates the aisle vs. window seat dilemma.

“From November, BermudAir’s E175s will be configured with just 30 seats to feature unmatched privacy and ample workspace, with only two spacious seats across from each other in each row. Travellers will be able to take advantage of under-seat stowage for a carry-on and personal item, in-seat power, plus free Wi-Fi including Wi-Fi-powered entertainment and messaging. The Aisle Class cabin, designed without the need for overhead bins, offers a light and spacious ambiance, facilitating a convenient and quick boarding and deplaning experience.

“BermudAir is additionally committed to the local community through its dedication to sourcing services and partnerships within Bermuda, including the hiring of local crew, collaborating with Bermuda service providers for onboard food and beverage services, and sourcing local ingredients. The goal is to ensure the inflight experience reflects the island’s renowned hospitality with premium on-board menu offerings and attentive, friendly cabin crew.

Supporting Bermuda as a Year-Round Destination

“With this phased launch approach the airline is following through on starting to fill seasonal weekly service gaps, to help attract and serve additional inbound and outbound passengers. The direct routes to and from popular U.S. East Coast cities are also part of BermudAir’s commitment to supporting Bermuda’s position as a year-round international business and tourism destination.

BermudAir Aisle Class 3 Bermuda August 23 2023

“We are very happy to welcome BermudAir as Bermuda’s first carrier, as they launch their innovative Aisle Class and set a new standard for travel,” said Wayne Furbert, Minister of Transport. “This partnership represents an exciting milestone for our island, as it enhances connectivity and strengthens our position as a premier destination. With BermudAir’s commitment to providing convenient connections, we anticipate a significant boost to our tourism market.”

“With the launch of a new airline in Bermuda, there’s a sense of anticipation and opportunity in the air. The increased air capacity aims to enhance the island’s connectivity and aligns with the National Tourism Plan’s “Year-Round” objective, said Tracy Berkley, CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority. “By providing year-round flights, Bermuda Air offers new opportunities for us in the US East Coast, paving the way for potential partnerships and market growth. It’s an exciting step towards sustained growth for Tourism in Bermuda.”

Still Hiring Locally

“The airline is still hiring locally, specifically for cabin crew. Six Bermudians have already been recruited for cabin crew, representing a third of the current overall total of 18. Among other requirements, potential candidates must have previous customer service experience, preferably in hospitality, a high level of flexibility in terms of working hours and should be able to attend operational and security training overseas. Individuals who meet these criteria and are interested in getting more details should contact BermudAir and send a resume to

“The response locally to our recruitment initiatives has been very positive with great candidates, and we’re delighted to see the significant level of interest in joining BermudAir,” Adam Scott added. “It’s been a rigorous and successful journey towards launch. On behalf of our entire team, I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to getting us here. We sincerely appreciate the reception and support we’ve received from the community. We’re ready to serve you Bermuda, to make this island paradise very proud, and look forward to welcoming our guests on board.”

“Tickets for flights between Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport, Boston Logan International Airport, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Westchester Country Airport are now available for purchase. To book flights, view flight schedules or obtain more information, visit”

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  1. LOL - the real one says:

    WOW! The fares look too low to be true!
    Why are the fares $100 higher flying from BDA to BOS vs. BOS to BDA?
    Just wondering.

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    A long weekend in New York for $498. Sweet!

  3. It looks good unless you a traveling with a partner and only check through luggage ? Good for business people that travel light but not for tourists ! I would be traveling from Florida !

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      The same long weekend in Florida would cost me $598. $1,196 for 2. Still a good deal by my reckoning.

      • Dejavu says:

        Do you realize a return flight from New York to London is $500 and from bermuda it starts at $1000? Do you know bermuda is closer to London? Do you know that doesn’t makes no sense? Do you realize how crazy you sound defending this airlines prices?

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          I do not keep track of airline prices FROM places other than Bermuda. I am Bermudian and I live in Bermuda.

          I do NOT know that Bermuda is closer to London than New York is. There is actually very little difference, but Bermuda is slightly closer because of the curvature of the earth.

          I am not defending any airline. I am simply stating the fact that BermudaAir’s prices are favourable when compared to the competition.

          • LOL - the real one says:

            Now you know the miles difference ;-)
            JFK > London Distance: 3,455.16 mi
            BDA > London Distance: 3,448.15 mi

            Do the math on the extra cost per mile difference.

            • Aiesha says:

              What London are you all talking about? A flight from Bermuda to London Heathrow or Gatwick takes 7 hours. From Bermuda to NY or Boston is about 2 hours. New London, CT? London, Canada? Definitely not London, England in the UK.

        • LOL - the real one says:

          JFK > London Distance: 3,455.16 mi
          BDA > London Distance: 3,448.15 mi

          Do the math on the extra cost per mile difference.

          • Joe Bloggs says:

            As I said, there is actually very little difference in distance.

            As for the cost of air travel, it has nothing to do with distance. It has to do with demand and passenger loads.

            I repeat, I am Bermudian and I live in Bermuda. That may not be for everyone. Some people may be happier living in New York. If so, I wish them well.

        • saud says:

          “doesn’t makes no sense”

          A product of the Bermudian educational system shouldn’t be trying to debate with anyone.

          • Joe Bloggs says:

            It could be worse, he or she could have written that “it don’t make no sense”.

            Anyone my age who would say any such thing at Whitney Institute would soon be spending extra time at school!

  4. Michelle Brown says:

    Hope you can come to PHL or BWI in the near future ????????

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