Motorcyclist Injured In Hamilton Parish Collision

August 17, 2023 | 4 Comments

A collision in Hamilton Parish this afternoon [August 17] has left a motorcyclist with “a very serious leg injury.”

A police spokesperson said, “Around 3.35pm on Thursday, August 17, police and other first responders were dispatched to a report of two vehicle collision on North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish, near the junction with Abbott’s Cliff Drive.

“Information suggests that east bound traffic had come to a halt, to allow a man driving a motor car to exit Francis Patton School, when a male riding a motorcycle overtook the line of halted traffic and collided with the oncoming motor car.

collision Bermuda August 17 2023

“The motorcyclist has been transported to King Edward Memorial Hospital for treatment of what was described as a very serious leg injury. No other injuries were reported.

“Witness to the collision are being asked to contact PC 2576 Bruce Sandham on 211 or

“Traffic diversions have been put in place at North Shore Road/ Radnor Road and North Shore Road and Trinity Church Road. Motorists should expect delays for at least 90 more minutes while officers process the scene.”

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  1. I'm just saying says:

    How about taking drone pics of accident scenes also take regular pics marking out vehicle location, something to speed up the process, this is 2023 holding up commuters for so long is unacceptable & frustrating in this day and age. Come on get with it.

  2. Anne says:

    Textbook. What does the motoring public have to do? Put speed bumps everywhere? We see a lot of rogue cyclists and some of them are even lady cyclists. Yesterday witnessed a male cyclist overtaking on that wide bend by the Baileys Bay railway. The guy was sooo low leaning around our car, we could barely see him! And this was a young male in student uniform. Stop throwing your lives away! You are not indestructible. THINK before you overtake blind corners.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      The suggestions of the road (they can no longer be called “rules”) do not apply to motorcycles or auxiliary cycles. They haven’t for years.

      Even cars and trucks are now ignoring the suggestions of the road, traffic signs and traffic lights. I was nearly hit a few days ago by a driving instruction vehicle running a red light in town (with only one person in the car).

  3. trufth says:

    Look, some of these guys have a death wish and ride like idiots. I respect their death wish and wish them luck with accomplishing their goal. However, I wish there was a way that they only kill themselves, not innocent bystanders who value their lives.

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