Premier & Family Highlight Local Designer

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Premier David Burt and his family released their annual Cup Match photo, featuring clothing by Bermudian designer, business owner and creative Jordan Carey, founder and Creative Director of the Loquat brand.

A spokesperson said, “Premier David Burt, JP, MP and his family have today shared their annual Cup Match photo.

“This year’s official photoshoot is particularly special as it features the Premier and his family attired in clothing designed by Bermudian designer, business owner and creative Jordan Carey, founder and Creative Director of the Loquat brand.

“The collaboration came to fruition following a Chat and Chew event hosted by the Premier, aimed at connecting with the creative community and addressing their concerns. During this session, Mr. Carey expressed his desire to see the Government and the Department of Culture actively promote and support local creatives.

“Taking note of Mr. Carey’s insights and recognising the uniqueness of his brand, the Premier’s team reached out to him to explore the possibility of showcasing his work during the Cup Match holiday.

Premier Cup Match Photo Bermuda August 1 2023

“Mr. Carey embraced the opportunity by providing a distinctive shirt for the Premier, along with an array of clothing for the Premier’s entire family.

“What makes this collaboration particularly special is that, until this point, Mr. Carey’s product catalogue did not include children’s apparel. However, driven by the spirit of unity and celebrating Bermudian culture, Mr. Carey stepped up to the challenge, creating tailor-made outfits for each member of the Premier’s family, featuring his signature Gombey print, a cherished Bermudian design.

Mr. Carey said, “I wish to thank the Premier, his family and his team for the opportunity to feature Loquat Designs in their annual Cup Match family photo. As a concept-driven fashion brand, being able to contribute to my home through the harmonization of culture, process and product is an absolute pleasure.

“For me, this is the beginning of a new and exciting era for creative professionalism in Bermuda. I am so excited to share with my community all of the exciting initiatives Loquat is developing.

“The Government has displayed a sense of urgency around Bermuda’s artistic and creative legacies. I hope to continue to work with the Government on ventures that celebrate creatives, like me, in the future.”

Mr. Carey continued, “The garments featured here display our unique and traditional masqueraders, the Gombey. The fabric is organic cotton naturally printed in Kaladera, India, with hand-carved wood blocks. The Somerset red colour is produced from the root of the madder plant, commonly known as alizarin, when in pigment form. The fibre content, print and silhouettes of these garments have received the time and attention to detail that Bermuda and this beautiful holiday deserve.”

Premier Burt said, “This collaboration is a true celebration of Bermuda’s creative talent and cultural heritage. I am pleased to support local creatives like Jordan, as we honor of the essence of Cup Match and its significance with an authentic Bermudian brand, thus, not only honouring our traditions but also empowering local talents and supporting local business owners.

“I thank Mr. Carey for his valuable time and for devoting his exceptional talent to this project. I also thank him for his willingness to go above and beyond by creating clothing for my children, which was not previously in his catalogue.

“I am immensely proud that my family and I were able to wear clothing that embodies the heart and soul of Bermuda. Our island is filled with talented creatives, and the Government is committed to continuing to support them.” divider line 2039852
For extensive coverage of Cup Match spanning over a decade, visit our website, the island’s most comprehensive resource on the Cup Match holiday.


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