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“Challenges faced by our seniors and those individuals that support them are greater than ever before,” Age Concern said.

A spokesperson said, “September is always a time for reflection for Age Concern Bermuda [ACB] as an organization – we take stock of what the year to date has brought to us so far and consider how best to position ourselves to support our community in the coming winter months.

“We reflect on the challenges which our clients have faced and consider how best to ensure that they are well supported to face those challenges and opportunities. Last year during this time we started a new strategic planning cycle. We are pleased to announce that we completed our Strategic Plan for 2023 – 2026 in March and have already put into action what was revealed to us during this process.

“Through our planning and stakeholder engagement process it was made clear that our services to educate and provide advocacy were still needed, in addition to us providing more community engagement and support service opportunities for vulnerable older adults and information regarding them.

“2022 – 2023 has seen challenges with Cost of Living and Budgeting being at the forefront of the senior’s community and it serves well as we all return to work and school after the summer holidays to be reminded that many of our clients are still working and serving in the community as well as providing caregiver services to other seniors within the older adult population.

“Our strategic plan positions us to support all people above the age of 50 – as they prepare for retirement and navigate it. The focus in recent times from our clients has been on several key topics:

  1. Cost of Living/Budgeting
  2. Healthcare/Caregiving
  3. Housing
  4. Education

“Post Covid, ACB, has seen clients’ queries increase. Since the beginning of our fiscal year, April 1, 2023, ACB’s operational team has assisted with over 1,500 inquiries from older adults in the community with needs ranging from legal advice, caregiving inquiries, abuse reports, and health/medical advice.

“We have worked hard to ensure that those queries have been met with relevant information, advice, and referrals to various agencies in Bermuda and ACB is proud to support our clients navigate what is available to them. We have also held successfully ageing education sessions on the topics we were told are relevant to our members and other older adults within the community. There was an attendance rate of about 250 people. As Bermuda’s economic and social landscape changes, we intend to continue to educate our membership and the greater public on issues that are important for ageing successfully. We will continue to equip older adults to successfully age.

“However – in order to do the work that our clients need it is vital that charitable organizations such ours which focus on Community Resilience through our core programming, continue to be supported by the philanthropic sector. Like many charities in Bermuda, ACB is navigating its way through a reduced availability of corporate donations as organizations also seek to manage their corporate sustainability budgets in line with challenging economic headwinds.

“ACB is well supported by our community but has seen donations slow by more than 50%, which is challenging to manage at a time when operating expenses are also rising. Sustainable cash flow management is vital for charitable organizations in Bermuda to retain the skillset and capabilities to develop and support the programmes that our clients are availing themselves of.

“Hardship funds are always well received as are donations in kind from large Bermudian organizations with regards to electric, gas and grocery support but demand is also rising with regards to clients requesting education programmes and support with navigating the health care and government access systems. These programmes fall under operational expenses for ACB given they are ‘referral’ in nature but are critical to ensuring smooth and stress-free access to support networks for many of our seniors as they are feeling at their most vulnerable.

“ACB is also proud to have supported the launch of The Bermuda [Long Term Care] Peer Learning Network [BPLN]. They are a newly formed body of long-term care administrators who have joined to promote education & growth opportunities for LTC providers. We believe this and other community engagement efforts will assist in bringing our Vision to life; “Bermuda as an international community of excellence, where optimal health and well-being; financial security; civil participation and dignity are equitably experienced by residents as they age.”

“We at Age Concern Bermuda [ACB] are appealing to the community to garner support during our upcoming fundraising campaign as we look to recognize the International Day of the Older Person on October 1st.

“To commemorate the International Day of Older Persons on Thursday October 5th and Friday October 6th, ACB will be holding a Tag Day throughout the City of Hamilton. There will also be donation buckets strategically placed at various business partners across the island for both days.

“ACB wants to thank the public for their continual support. Together we have been able to provide a layer of support for thousands of older persons. With your help ACB can continue to fulfill the mission of promoting the rights and opportunities of older adults while striving towards our vision.

“You can help ensure our services of informing, educating, and advocating on behalf of and for the older adult population in Bermuda’s community by donating today. Visit: , email: or call: 238-7525 to support.”

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