WISTA Bermuda Donates To Age Concern

April 23, 2021

WISTA Bermuda donated $2,500 to Age Concern, with the donation set to be used to support the Age Concern Volunteer Program.

A spokesperson said, “As an organization, WISTA Bermuda is intentional in their efforts to make a positive impact on the surrounding community. In 2019, WISTA Bermuda started hosting an annual ‘shoebox gift wrap social’. At this event, as its name suggests, WISTA members networked and socialized while packaging shoeboxes filled with curated items for Bermuda’s seniors.

WISTA Bermuda Donates To Age Concern April 2021

“In 2021, mindful that various resources have understandably been diverted to deal with the immediate Covid19 health crisis, WISTA Bermuda redoubled their efforts to assist our vulnerable senior population during this challenging period.”

Angelique Burgess, President of WISTA Bermuda, said: “Given Covid-19 safety protocols, we had to pivot. In lieu of delivering shoe boxes brimming with essential items, we decided to make a cash donation which we trust will reach seniors on the hardship list or otherwise identified as being in the greatest need.”

WISTA Bermuda board members Angelique Burgess [President], Marilyn Feldman [Vice President], Cheryl Hayward Chew and Carmen Tucker were in attendance at this virtual presentation to Age Concern which took place on Friday 23rd April, 2021 at 11:30 a.m.

Dr Claudette Fleming Executive Director of Age Concern expressed her pleasure in once again receiving a donation from WISTA.

She advised that, “While the community is mandated to stay at home, the work of Age Concern continues – ensuring direction, information, advice, merchant discounts and financial hardship support can be administered to older adults and their families.”

Dr Fleming added, “The 2021 WISTA Bermuda $2,500 donation will be used to support The Age Concern Volunteer Program. Volunteers undertake key administrative groundwork to deliver our programs. Never has there been a time when the work of volunteers is so important.

“We were delighted to have recently completed a six-week vaccination hotline in partnership with the Bermuda Government and Project Action, manned solely by volunteers contacting over 300 older adults per week. With the support of organizations like WISTA Bermuda, the continuous commitment of our donors, staff and volunteers ensures our work on the island remains possible.”

Tammy L Richardson-Augustus, WISTA Bermuda’s press officer, noted that the evolving effects of the Covid 19 pandemic and related economic slowdown has been particularly challenging for our seniors as they navigate a dramatically changed landscape punctuated by immense stress, isolation and disruption of services.

“We do hope that this donation demonstrates our affection and gratitude for our seniors and helps to foster a more age-inclusive society,” she said.

Marilyn Feldman, Vice President of WISTA Bermuda reminded us of an old adage ‘The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age – unknown’ as she saluted Age Concern for being “vocal and vital”.”

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