Axis Capital Donates To Age Concern Bermuda

November 15, 2016

Axis Capital demonstrated its support of the island’s seniors by making a donation to Age Concern Bermuda, saying “we must never forget that older adults are an important part of the fabric of Bermuda.”

According to the Axis Charity Committee, “The aim of our Charitable Donations Committee is to look for opportunities to support initiatives that lay the foundation for the growth and development of the residents of Bermuda of all ages.

“We must never forget that older adults are an important part of the fabric of Bermuda. They contribute to our community in important ways. There are however times when older adults need additional help and resources.

“It is here where we saw the opportunity to support Age Concern in its work to enhance the quality of life of older Bermudians through its information, education and hardship programs.”

Executive Director of Age Concern, Dr. Claudette Fleming said, “In my most recent report to the Age Concern membership and donors, I stated that the change in the financial climate in the last several years has meant that we have had to deliver services with fewer resources than we would have liked.

Podcast with Age Concern’s Dr. Claudette Fleming:

“However, through the work of committed staff members and volunteers who ensure our remains office operational, we continue to average up to 1600 service contacts each year.

“Outside of general inquiries, the most prevalent information and advice requests in the last year have been the need for financial assistance services [128 contacts] and reports of seniors abuse [56 contacts].

“In the reporting year March 31, 2015-April 1, 2016, Age Concern provided financial support to 98 older adults through assistance with food, prescriptions drugs and related medical supplies, handyman repairs and electricity costs.”

Dr. Fleming added, “Providing financial hardship support however is a small but significant part of what we do. Our membership program is also growing. In fact, last year our membership leaped by more than 50%. Without the support of organizations like Axis, it would be near to impossible to continue to do our work effectively.”

“It is our privilege to contribute to the great work of charitable organizations like Age Concern, an organization that is dedicated to the well-being of older adults in Bermuda. We hope that many more seniors continue to benefit from their services.” stated Alice Cedenio, AXIS Charity Committee Representative.

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