Column: Famous On Fahy, Third Party & More

September 29, 2023 | 5 Comments

[Column written by PLP MP Chris Famous]

The latest op-ed from former OBA Cabinet Minister Michael Fahy is interesting to say the least, especially with the upcoming by-election in Smith’s South. His call for a third party seems very convenient. One would wonder why the former Cabinet Minister would not just use his influence over the OBA caucus to once again bend his Party into whatever shape he would like it to be.

During his time as OBA Immigration Minister, he had significant influence over the leadership. Such was his control over the OBA, that he convinced his caucus to propose non-workable immigration reforms such as; granting mass status to thousands and allowing children of guest workers to work summer jobs, which would have led to a dearth of summer jobs for Bermudian students.

Yes, these are the type of things Michael Fahy had convinced the OBA under Michael Dunkley, to do to Bermudians.

Now suddenly, he wants to come across as “non-partisan and altruistic” by calling for a third party to do what he believes isn’t being done by either of the two ‘current’ parties.

Haven’t we seen this before? In 2020, a third party emerged, led by someone who was no longer part of the legacy parties, with the hope of disrupting the election and causing an upset victory. We all saw what happened there.

We have seen this same narrative with every by-election and general election. This latest op-ed from Michael Fahy is more of the same – hoping to discourage those voters who are more often swing voters ahead of next week’s by-election in C-8 Smith’s South.

It is no “mere coincidence” that in the past few weeks we have seen more opinion columns from Michael Fahy than ever before; especially since his OBA party was defeated in 2017, primarily based on his very own extreme immigration policies.

The PLP stands strong on our record. We have always represented labour. Take a look at recent legislation such as; minimum hourly wage, the banning of management taking tips and enhancements to the trade unions. Let’s be crystal clear, the very reason we have immigration controls in place is to protect Bermudian workers.

We have always represented all socio-economic classes and we stand for and with all of the people. This was made abundantly clear during 2020.

These are challenging times and that has never been denied, but our leadership, our Cabinet, and our backbench remains committed to serving the people of Bermuda. No amount of attempts at rewriting history from Michael Fahy will dilute or reduce our connection to the people of Bermuda.

- Chris Famous

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  1. hey says:

    Hey likeable person who helps do minor community jobs to gain popularity (I appreciate this too). I suggest you use your brain to think. Many of those people ended up leaving Bermuda, when Bermuda needed to retain people. Even your party have realized that we need to have 8000 new residents over the next 4 or now 3 years. Did you not read the memo?

    Your direct involvement in the protests when the OBA were government cost each and every Bermudian in their pocket now and in their pocket in the future. Electricity, insurance, food, goods cost here is now brutal and taxes, fees and medical costs have skyrocketed. The more people here, the more jobs, the more tax dollars to pay for civil service and road resurfacing , the more income to cover fixed and step fixed costs in supermarkets to smooth inflation spikes and the more opportunities for Bermudians everywhere.

    Your party and you destroyed that and have put us in a precarious position, your party are not going to add 8,000 people that help generate money in Bermuda for Bermuda’s benefit. Shame on you for even attempting to spin this !

  2. Hilarious! says:

    Another hit piece, wow. “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” – proverb

    To quote your favorite often-quoted hero, “Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?” – Bob Marley

    How many legislative documents have you written and submitted while collecting a taxpayer-funded paycheck? Please provide the names of the legislation and the results to date (Passed/Not Passed). Please specify what YOU personally have done as an MP to improve Bermuda. You do claim to have a “connection.”

  3. Unbelievable says:

    The PLP is a relic of the past just like the UBP was.

    Where are the new politicians who are genuinely interested in moving forward?

    • History repeats says:

      Don’t forget to include the OBA in that useless update. We definitely need a third party. These simps will keep losing every election guaranteed!!!

  4. trufth says:

    Stop. Seriously dude, just stop. Your letter writing is not doing you any favors. Quite the opposite, mate.

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