Opinion: Famous On OBA’s Opinion Columns

February 27, 2015

[Opinion column written by Chris Famous]

Over the last month or so, a disturbing pattern that has taken root in the local media.

It began with a piece on January 2, 2015, by the Premier Michael Dunkley, in which he appealed for politicians from both sides to put politics aside, basically asking for ‘Political Kumbaya.’

“At critical times, you need to put politics aside.”

Um, ok, fine. Sounds like a plan, Stan.

However, that memo must not have made it to the rest of the OBA MPs, because what has ensued since the premier’s plea for political harmony has been a slew of anything BUT kumbaya.

On January 7, 2015 an angry tirade was put out under the name of the then Works & Engineering minister, Patricia Gordon-Pamplin.

“The Government will always challenge the Opposition’s falsehoods. The public should do likewise. Be suspicious of the Opposition’s charges. Separate the fact from fiction.”

Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin banner

On February 4, another op-ed article was put out under the name of new OBA Senator Vic Ball. In it, he posed a telling question:

“Is it so bad to ask civil servants to give up one day a month, for a total of 12 days a year?”

Well, that’s pretty rich, no pun intended, for a guy who used to be a civil servant himself.

Senator Vic Ball banner

Another op-ed was put out on February 6, under the name of Senator Lynne Woolridge, attacking Mr. Cordell Riley for his attempts to persuade the government to use the America’s Cup as a unifying event.

“The contribution to racial undertow is being made by Mr. Riley himself.”

Would it not have been more in keeping with the Premier’s stance if she had welcomed Mr. Riley’s suggestions?

Senator Lynne Woolridge banner

Then, on February 10, yet another op-ed was printed, this time attributed to MP Sylvan Richards stating:

“I do, however, take ownership that some of the decisions we have made collectively have given some people reason to distrust us.”

MP Sylvan Richards banner

MP Richards has taken home over $182,000 of the taxpayers’ dollars; yet, what has he accomplished exactly?

Yet, he wonders why Bermudians do not trust the OBA?

On February 10, perhaps one of the vilest op-eds by the OBA was put out under the name of MP Leah Scott, in which she disrespected thousands of Bermudian civil servants, union members and their respective families.

“The reality is that last week’s industrial action was, quite simply, a case of the BTUC and its members protesting in favour of its own selfish interests.”

MP Leah Scott banner

This particular op-ed piece led me to do a bit of research on just how much OBA ministers have earned over the past 26 months:

  • Michael Dunkley, $394,000
  • Bob Richards, $383,000
  • Trevor Moniz, $373,000
  • Craig Cannonier, $351,000
  • Wayne Scott, $338,000
  • Patricia Gordon-Pamplin, $229,000
  • Shawn Crockwell, $338,000
  • Dr. Grant Gibbons, $229,000
  • Leah Scott, $182,000
  • Sylvan Richards, $182,000
  • Michael Fahy, $173,000

*figures at parliament.bm

So, if MP Leah Scott describes Bermudians who are taking home less than $50,000 for working full-time as “selfish”, how, then, would she describe herself and her circle of colleagues who are taking home hundreds of thousands of dollars for working only part-time?

The next day, on February 11, another op-ed was published under the name of the OBA’s newest Education minister, Wayne Scott, in which he writes:

“We’re fighting a mindset that has many people believing that it’s more important to give the OBA some political slaps.”

Minister Wayne Scott banner

I could be wrong, but should not the Minister of Education:

a] get his facts straight?
b] be focused on educating Bermuda’s children instead of bashing the opposition?

It appears that there are a couple of trends at play:

First, Premier Dunkley puts out a plea for ‘Kumbaya’ to appear as the ‘great statesman.’ Then, almost simultaneously, he authorizes these constant and nearly daily attacks on:

  • individuals attempting to bridge racial divides
  • Bermudians standing up for their rights
  • union members

Secondly, in an even more transparent trend, the OBA only utilizes certain members to attack their fellow Bermudians, whilst certain other members just sit in the background.

In an upcoming column, we can look further into who may really be behind all of these vile columns.

Many Bermudians are now asking themselves:

a] Why do these select OBA MPs really have so much anger and venom towards their fellow Bermudians?
b] Why are these MPs allowing their names and pictures to be used to further the agenda of those who are silent?

- Chris Famous can be contacted via email at Carib_pro@yahoo.com or Twitter at @ryderz777


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  1. Sandgrownan says:

    Chris, seems like you need some tin foil. You know, they can use cell phone towers to track your movements…

    • hello? says:

      I didn’t know the PLP politicians were not paid? Is it volunteer work when they turn up once a week and shout at the OBA? That is what this writer implies – he certainly doesn’t admit it.

      Can anyone give me the figures for the opposition and what they have earned since losing power? Particularly as they make sexist remarks and shout about giving their children ganja.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        As a supporter of the One Bermuda Alliance I don’t have too much in common with Mr. Chris Famous yet there’s one thing here I agree with and oppose. It’s the wages being paid out to some of the Government representative. Personally I do believe it’d be a “hell’a-va-lot” more appreciative if these representatives / M.Ps. were to take further cuts in their wages for at least one year…A 10% decrease isn’t asking too much Premier Michael Dunkley and fellow associates.
        Please consider the impact this will have on Government savings and the O.B.A. loyalty to the Public on a whole…

        • Opinion Opinion !! says:

          RAYMOND I agree OBA can Tae a pay cut, after all most take home more than one pay check. Some have private business were the earn huge profits while the average man is either jobless or struggling to make ends meet with merely pennies. It’s almost shameless like “They do not really care about us” -MJ

          Well written piece Chris. I love the pictures following each summary. Spot on….you put the Spotlight on real Facts

  2. Yahoo says:

    I agree that there are way too many opinion articles these days. It seems like one requires zero qualifications to write one…

    • Toodle-oo says:

      I agree that there are way too many opinion articles these days. It seems like one requires zero qualifications to write one…

      Just like this ‘opinion article’ above , itself ?

      • Yahoo says:

        I may or may not have been referring to the article above…

        • Opinion Opinion !! says:

          Far too many OBA Opinion piece written, and signed off with MPs who did not put their own touch to it, but merely signed their names….really

          Stop it, it has out lived it’s usefulness……

  3. Typical says:

    Same recycled drivel that we’ve come to expect from Chris Famous.

    Leah was absolutely right to call the marchers selfish. The bus drivers calling in sick prove that. All those civil servants who refused to give up one day a month in order to save their jobs and save the country. Bermuda will fold because of them.

  4. Unbelievable says:

    Wait…..Chris Famous is talking about the OBA’s opinion columns? You mean the ones where the OBA have to always correct the PLP’s opinion columns with the facts after the PLP distorts them over and over again?


  5. serengeti says:

    Amount wasted on paying malingering faked sick days among public employees: $10,000,000 a year. $50m in the last 5 years.
    Paid for by the rest of us taxpayers, using borrowed money that we can’t afford to repay.
    How about that, Chris?

  6. Huh says:

    No one has written more opinion pieces than Mr. Christopher Famous PLP
    Assistant Party Organizer (Central)

  7. NCM says:

    Mr. Famous, how about you show us how much PLP MPs have been paid in the last 26 months (that’s called balance). And why don’t you work out how much the OBA Ministers and MPs are paid per hour? I reckon it will be less than you think as they don’t just work 9 am to 4.45 pm.

    And while you’re at it, why don’t you encourage the BTUC members to publish the salaries of their executives? Surely union members have a right to know?

  8. Pointless says:

    Mr. Famous this is pointless and a huge waste of time. Yours in the writing and our in the reading. This article brings NOTHING to the table.

  9. Sky Pilot says:

    do the job you are paid for,not plp paid blogging.

  10. BT Checker says:

    Betty, your turn back to imbalanced, politically and ethically immature and whining articles is a real shame.

    You don’t even seem to see the sheer hypocrisy in what you are saying.

    I’ll say it again. PLP you already have the voters who would believe the nonsense Famous/Betty spouts. All these articles do is alienate those who swing between you and the OBA.

    You need to change up – provide detailed and thoughtful articles on the issues faced with real and constructive criticism – not just moan and bi*%h like children.

    Grow up – we need a decent opposition there are real issues here and you are not helping.

  11. Hang up and try your call again says:

    So, are you insinuating that the OBA earns twice as much? You’re using a rather unusual benchmark of 26 months as opposed to an annual salary. I’m with NCM – publish the PLP’s earnings as well as union executives for the same period as well as annually for the past decade. I can’t even be bothered to tackle the politics as it’s obviously being covered by someone who’s wearing a mighty large pair of blinders.

  12. Chris Famous says:

    Which figures are untrue ?

  13. steve says:

    “Which figures are untrue?” – not the point most of commenters are making and you know it.

    and then there is

    L.Scott ” did not plagiarize defined as copying word for word…” Not the point most commenters are making and you know it.

    This may be part of the reason people don’t vote.

    • Chris Famous says:

      Which quote is untrue?

      • steve says:

        I do not doubt the figures you have stated (not going research it)
        I think a cross reference against former politicians holding the same post might have made for a more interesting read, unless the pay was similar(then an implied point would be lost)
        Using a 26 month frame vs 12 months was odd, can you please explain why that time frame was used?
        I appreciate that you are passionate about the well being of your country and that you truly care. I read most columns but I find authors free of party affiliation get most of my thought and attention.
        I will continue to follow.