Opinion: The “Cat In The Hat” & Local Politics

February 17, 2015

[Opinion column written by Chris Famous]

Look at me! Look at me! Look at me now! It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how.”  ― Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat

They say cats have nine lives and an ability to land squarely on their feet after falling from high places. And if we take a look at the cartoon character Sylvester from the Looney Tunes and the number of falls he has endured in his attempting to catch Tweety Bird, this may indeed be true.

It would appear as if we have our own Sylvester the Cat in local politics. A cat who has been chasing his own Tweety birds of economic power, political power and influence for the last four years. There was a time many thought this cat was reaching far beyond his own reach.

Pre-Election Promises

Let’s take a look at some of the promises this cat made to us:

Cat in hat 1

  • No cuts to the Civil Service
  • Social and economic equality
  • Transparency and accountability
  • A referendum on gaming
  • Create 2,000 jobs
  • Capital jobs that would be on time and on budget
  • A suspension of term limits
  • Election and parliamentary reform, including the right to recall
  • Education reform

Post-Election Results

Let’s take a look at what this cat helped to deliver to us once he got inside the cage of political power:

  • January 30, 2013: Abolished term limits within two months of being in office
  • December 13th 2013: Engineered the theft of the referendum from the people of Bermuda
  • July 5th 2013: Blocked legislation showing recipients of government contracts
  • May 29, 2013: Violated the Ministerial Code of Conduct via omission to Parliament
  • May 2014: Restricted the OBA Chairman’s investigation of the BPAC affair
  • Voted against the formation of a joint select committee on election reform
  • Proposed privatization of our airport
  • Heritage Wharf over budget
  • Kings Wharf, no costs delivered

Minister Shawn Crockwell said in Parliament [PDF] on July 5, 2013

I have spoken to the Premier and I do not believe that we have extended that policy. I said that maybe we should consider extending the policy of putting in the Official Gazette, all contracts awarded by Cabinet, and this way you achieve the goal of transparency.

“There would be no need for us to embrace what is being suggested today because my challenge is this—I do not see the benefit.

“If we table the contract in Parliament after it has been signed and produced, if the Opposition has a major concern about a consultant, the Government would not be able to change it, because we would be in breach.

For over a year, this cat [and a few others] concealed the fact that they arranged for persons who were possibly interested in gaining a casino license to transfer $350,000 to fund aspects of a political campaign.

For over one year, this cat and others gave Bermudians the impression that they would have the democratic option of voting on the issue of gaming.

Even after it was fully exposed that the Ministerial Code of Conduct had been broken, this cat attempted to state that he had did no wrong and Bermudians should just turn the other cheek.

Curiouser and curiouser!

As of December 2014 the cat is back and wearing a Ministerial hat. Even more “curiouser and curiouser” is that this cat now has access to the very Ministry that will most likely oversee massive capital projects that will be needed to facilitate the America’s Cup Village and potential liquidation of Government properties.

And this mess is so big and so deep and so tall, we cannot pick it up. There is no way at all!”  ― Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat

I taut I taw a puddy tat.” – Tweety Bird.

- Chris Famous can be contacted via email at Carib_pro@yahoo.com or Twitter at @ryderz777


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  1. .... says:

    You Chris Famous are really pathetic.

    • CAT in a hat says:

      I love the approach you have taken Chris. The outline of key points is very succinct. I don’t suspect you get many praise from the OBA support club, as you have spoken too boldly on real issues and promises the OBA have failed to keep…….it’s not what they want to hear mire ir less for any one to call attention too…..it is blatantly evident thst OBA fans reject the facts if they believe they do not swing in favor of the OBA.

      Often many are Silence on issues that call out the OBA. The political strategy is to have their fans only write lots of comments only if it reflects the PLP.

      That is merely the Political Strategy at work by the OBA. We also know that most PLP fans seldom even brother with the blogs, they are busy doing more significant things.

      Keep pressing on Chris this article bring forward points that are easy for all to see.

      What one must be aware of is the clicks from those that do not voice their concerns. We already know the clicks of yes is a plan strategy by the OBA.

      “I taught I taw A puddy tat”……lol

      Well written perspective.

      Now go OBA press the click. ….

  2. BT Checker says:


    Such a shame you are back to manipulations and misinformation – I thought you had a change.

    It is more of a shame as if you wrote a decent opposition piece on Crockwell I think you would have some sympathy. Your silliness in making the point fails to rame home the message that Crockwell is not a politician we need. He is in this for himself in my opinion – not good in politics. Of course I think the same about Wayne Furbert and others but most of them are in the PLP and not in power.

    • Sally says:

      Please please Cat in the Hat…..nothing but facts facts and more facts…..problem is your having difficulty excepting the truth…typical response from the OBA fan club….carry on…

      • Raymond Ray says:

        Chris you and Senator Diallo Rabain needs to cease misleading the public with the rhetoric :-(
        “More PLP rhetoric designed to cloud the progress of the OBA in turning around the mess they created. They don’t have any viable ‘wins’ to stand on so they try to keep everyone angry so that they don’t see their mistakes and the progress of the OBA. The one thing I am sure of is that when it really matters the voters will see them for what they are – hypocrites!” Bigga2 :-(

      • BT Checker says:


  3. hmmm says:

    So they have done everything they promised in your attached poster…

    So, What is your beef with the OBA Chris. You seem hell bent on destruction, divisiveness and all aimed at the OBA. You had no beef with the PLP despite the disaster they left on each and everyone of our doorsteps.

  4. NCM says:

    Where to start with this nonsense! A quick one for Mr. Famous to answer – has a single Government job been made redundant since December, 2012?

    It seems Mr. Famous and his cronies would be happy to see, in the words of one of his political compatriots, Bermuda burn before seeing the OBA succeed.

    We get it Mr. Famous – you and the PLP/BIU/People’s Campaign have one singular goal in mind: Return to power at any cost.

    • another day in ......... says:

      So anyone pointing out the government failures or inconsistencies is doing so only because they want the PLP to get in power?? Can you just for a few seconds at least take a reasoned think on the points raised and consider if any of them are valid,,,If you do so, your friends will not stop be your friends,, lol

  5. NCM says:

    Mr. Famous, what about PLP privatization of TCD emissions testing, several areas at the airport, Health Insurance Department – and even then Senator Burt’s statement in 2011: “It is my belief that, as this Government considers all the available options, there may be room for some Government services to be privatized.”

    • Politricks says:

      This is what Mr. David Burt stated in 2011.

      Junior Finance Minister David Burt suggested today that Government should consider privatising some of its services in order to inject “much needed innovation” into the economy.

      He told the Senate candidates for privatisation could include public transport, postal services, waste collection, waste treatment, water and recycling.

      But he cautioned: “Just because something has worked in another place in the world, doesn’t mean it will work in Bermuda.”

      Senator Burt, delivering his personal views on the economy in his first Budget speech in the Upper Chamber, referenced how Tony Blair and New Labour introduced a new breed of politics termed the Third Way when they swept to power in the UK in 1997.

      “This politics was meant to represent the radical centre, a mix between traditional Labour and Conservative policies to deliver for the citizens of a country,” he said.

      “One of the items that he pushed through was the partial privatisation of some government services.”

      Sen Burt went on: “It will surprise no one when I say that governments are not known to be the most efficient organisations.

      “It is my hope that, as the Government looks to open up the budget process and looks to medium-term planning, that we take a serious look at what government services may be able to be provided by the private sector in a more efficient manner.


      This is what Mr. Chris Famous said in reply to Mr. Burt’s privatization proposals


      • CAT in a hat says:

        How special……..tricks of politis…..you forgot to print the entire speech…..the most significant part of his speech you seem to have left out…..it will give you a clear understanding of Burt’ entire premise……..but please do not let the facts get in the way…..

        • Creamy says:

          It’s pretty clear what Burt said. Nothing in the rest of the speech changed it. He was advocating privatisation.

  6. Ed Case says:

    Paint the OBA as bad as you want. The PLP would be infinitely worse. In fact a PLP vote back in would be just the thing Bda needs to ensure future poverty. Bermuda will be finished if PLP is voted back in.

  7. Kangoocar says:

    In Chris ( not so ) famous defense, Being his brain can be compared to that of a bird?? It becomes easy to understand his fear of cats????

    • another day in ......... says:

      Kangocar,, you really can’t honestly evaluate the OBA goverment objectively without being insulting can you?? lol,,, You sit there and attact his intelligence like a child because he discussed things that make you uncomfortable,, well boo hoo, grow up and evaluate the government like a grown up,, leave your petty feelings at the door please

      • CAT in a hat says:

        Spot on @another day…this common practice from kangaroocar and similar faithfulness supporters…OBAblindness is killing them …..so is Transparency

        • sobbing_sob says:

          Faithfulness supporters? What on earth does that mean?

          • Simon Templar says:

            It’s just Betty highlighting its lack of education

  8. Raymond Ray says:

    “The living language is like a cow-path: it is the creation of the cows themselves, who, having created it, follow it or depart from it according to their whims or their needs. From daily use, the path undergoes change. A cow is under no obligation to stay.” -E.B. White, writer (1899-1985)

  9. Chris Famous says:

    noun trans·par·en·cy \tran(t)s-ˈper-ən(t)-sē\
    plural trans·par·en·cies
    Definition of TRANSPARENCY

    : something transparent; especially : a picture (as on film) viewed by light shining through it or by projection
    : the quality or state of being transparent

    The overall message in this piece is that we have a party that promised transparency before the election.

    Post election they rejected legislation that would produce transparency of who is gaining government contracts.

    Just last week it was revealed that over $250,000 of taxpayers money was spent with out any tendering for contracts

    Now we have the MP who has proven to have lied on several occasions in charge of a ministry with an annual budget of near $100,000,000.00.

    But hey the OBA supporters would turn a blind eye to the lack of transparency correct?

    It is very easy to spout off words to denigrate Bermudians, union members and or PLP supporters.

    Yet somehow it is impossible for you all to admit that you have a minister who,along with others, have ensured that there will be no transparency or tendering of contracts.

    As always thank you for taking the time to read my columns.
    Love you all

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Chris, here’s a bit of food for thought

      “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a dream job, but we have to be realistic and practical at the same time.”

    • Simon Templar says:

      Thanks Betty.
      Coming from the “Clear as Mud” transparency example you and your cronies set.

  10. aceboy says:

    We get a whole lot more transparency under the OBA than we EVER did with the PLP. Do you want to go back to those days?

  11. Honestly says:

    Looks like many nerves have been struck! I don’t understand how these bloggers can’t understand that the country is in debt and it’s ok to give 77 million dollars to AC! Just doesn’t add up. On another note…hiring more senators n jr senators is ridiculous but continue with this game you are playing. Them against us!

  12. GoLong says:

    Very humorous, Famous. These blogs on bernews are the best. Free brainstorming, what to do, what not to do. It’ll really help the next PLP administration. They will be better. All of this will help fine tune, the administration in waiting. They are listening and reading. The people’s party will have learned their lesson delivered at the last election cycle, by the time of the next. And they will be more about the people than ever before. So continue with the opinions and comments all. They aren’t hurting. They’re helping. All all be well.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      @ GoLong: You can possibly be correct when it comes to the next election and how these blogs can actually be a tip in helping the Opposition Party / Progressive Labour Party to fine-tune their game plan…I interpret it as an opportunity to dazzle the heads of their followers while simultaneously filling their followers heads B/S. No more and no less :-(