Govt Update On Services Following Cyber-Attack

October 1, 2023 | 3 Comments

“The expectation is that most government phone services will be restored by 9 a.m. tomorrow [Oct 2], and most government users will be able to log in to their computers,” the Government said as they provided their latest update following the cyber-attack on September 21st.

A Government spokesperson said, “Today, the Government provided a brief update on the restoration of services. The public is advised that work continued this weekend with Premier David Burt, Government Ministers and senior technical officers receiving an update yesterday [Sept. 30] on the return of services impacted by the cyber incident.

“A Government spokesperson noted that while full email services have not yet been restored, critical user emails and more services, such as automated border control, accounting functions and the Department of Planning, are expected to be restored over the coming days. Additionally, phone service is also in the process of coming back online, with complete restoration also expected in the coming days.

“As a reminder, the Transport Control Department’s [TCD] services have been fully restored, and in-person services are available. A full listing of other services that are operational or impacted can be found at”

Premier Burt said, “The Government continues to make steady progress in recovering data and restoring critical Government systems. I was grateful for the update from our public officers yesterday and during a call this morning, where they advised ministers on the significant progress made over the weekend.

“The expectation is that most government phone services will be restored by 9 a.m. tomorrow, and most government users will be able to log in to their computers. While I am abroad on pre-scheduled Government business, I will remain in regular contact with Ministers and public officers on our progress, including joining Cabinet virtually on Tuesday for a further update.”

“Again, I cannot thank our dedicated public officers enough for continuing to work around the clock to not only ensure that Government can continue providing critical services to the public, but also enhancing and fortifying the Government of Bermuda’s cyber defenses.”

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  1. Bermuda was another world says:

    These cyber attacks which occurred nearly 2 weeks ago is a catagory level 6, clearly shows how easy it is to manipulate the government servers. Bermuda needs to do better and ensure that this act of terrorsim does not happen ever again.

  2. Gwan says:

    This PLP government was very critical and very vocal in the house and in the media about the fact that the OBA did not have pandemic insurance at the airport that would have prevented the shortfall revenue payments to the operators of the airport.

    Now, considering the fact that David Burt is the Premier, and Finance Minister and an IT professional with his own IT / Consultancy company surely there wont be any excuses as to why this happened under his watch. And surely we are insured against this type of thing? After all, he is the leader, the countries purse holder and the IT specialist! Lets see how many of the PLP membership that criticized the non-insurance against COVID, stand up and call for his resignation.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Presumably the PLP Government has cyber insurance just like most responsible businesses do these days

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