Michael DeLeon Earns PSEA Award For August

September 20, 2023 | 8 Comments

Michael DeLeon, Operations Manager at the Department of Public Transport, has earned the Public Service Excellence Award [PSEA] for August.

A Government spokesperson said, “This week [Sept. 18], the Premier recognized Michael DeLeon, Operations Manager at the Department of Public Transport, as the recipient of the August Public Service Excellence Award [PSEA].

“As the community is aware, the PSEA is a programme that recognizes Public Officers who are demonstrating admirable service delivery. Each month an individual or team is selected for their significant accomplishments in the last 60 days.

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“Mr. DeLeon was recognized for his outstanding commitment and dedication to overcoming operational challenges at the Department – where he has served for a noteworthy 16 years.

“Recently, Mr. DeLeon has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to adapt to significant obstacles and ensure the smooth running of public bus services. When faced with resource challenges resulting from insufficient manpower to cover supervision of the schedule, Mr. DeLeon took proactive measures in accordance with department policies and employment regulations. He volunteered to cover the most difficult shifts and assignments, often working long hours into the night and early morning. Additionally, he rallied assistant managers to cover the less challenging shifts, showcasing his leadership and problem-solving skills.

“Mr. DeLeon has also been commended for his resourcefulness and dedication to his team. Recognizing the need for improved communication within the Department, he identified an opportunity to provide two-way radios for the Fueling team. He met with the maintenance manager to explain the benefits of this new tool and facilitated the implementation process. This initiative not only enhanced operations but also highlighted his commitment to finding innovative solutions to complex challenges.”

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Additionally, Mr. DeLeon has taken the initiative to address facility issues by working with the department comptroller to secure new furniture for the operations section. “His efforts to manage the morale of his team by proactively addressing their needs are a testament to his dedication to service excellence,” said the Acting Director of DPT, Mrs. Jonelle Christopher. She also praised his impressive communication skills and empowering leadership style, noting that: “Mr. DeLeon is always coaching his team, and he’s skilled at articulating ideas at both grassroots and professional levels. His charismatic persona has helped foster a more inspiring working environment at our department, where individuals are motivated to develop themselves and excel.”

Recently, the Premier, David Burt congratulated Mr. DeLeon. He said, “I congratulate Mr. DeLeon for his exemplary leadership. He has proven himself a true asset to the Department of Public Transportation and the Bermuda community, and I thank him for his unwavering commitment to service excellence.”

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Acting Head of the Public Service, Cherie Whitter, said, “We are thrilled to present this award to Mr. DeLeon today, who has been nominated for recognition of his service excellence on several occasions. His passion for his team, creative problem-solving skills, and exceptional ability to work with others have set a remarkable example for all public officers, and we are extremely proud to have him.”

Mr. DeLeon said: “I am elated and extremely grateful to be the recipient of this award. Thank you to the Acting Director of DPT, Mrs. Jonelle Christopher, who has supported my career and development tremendously over the years; and thank you to the Bermuda Government for the opportunities to grow and ignite my potential. I am proud to know that my dedication and hard work is making a positive impact on those I work with.”

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  1. Wow don’t take much to impress a useless government that can’t get a bus schedule correct or busses that run in the rain.

  2. comfortably numb says:

    Is this the same Department of Public Transport that cancels dozens of bus runs daily and leaves tourists standing in vain at bus stops waiting for a bus to appear? The same department that cannot make a bus schedule in more than ten years. If the situation wasn’t so tragic it would be laughable.

  3. iyiyi says:

    It’s outrageous and ridiculous how anyone can get an award in the DPT .

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    An election must be on the horizon. The Premier is handing out trinkets to the CS for poor performance.

    The Peter Principle is followed to the letter by the CS. Get promoted to your level of incompetence.

    When will the public transportation system be privatized?

  5. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Mr. DeLeon was recognized for his outstanding commitment and dedication to overcoming operational challenges at the Department ”

    Is that an admission?

  6. Hilarious! says:

    Is this the person in charge of maintaining the bus fleet and scheduling? Surely he can release the MAN bus maintenance records, specify why bus routes are canceled, and tell us which canceled routes are covered by electric buses. Right? Simple stuff. And of course, he can release all the detailed spreadsheets used to justify the purchase of the Chinese electric buses.

    “insufficient manpower” – does that mean drivers have gone fishing?

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Actually, he cannot release confidential Government documents. No member of the civil service can without permission.

      I suggest you ask your MP for such documents.

  7. question says:

    This must be an award for “Absolute Worst Public Service in Bermuda, not counting Immigration Department”.

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