Update On Govt Systems Following Cyber-Attack

September 22, 2023 | 5 Comments

TCD can accept cash for 1 day permits, straight vehicle relicensing of cars, bikes, trucks and taxis; processing at the airport is manual and all passengers must complete the arrivals card, and the Post Office is delivering letter mail and are giving some customers their packages, with promise and sign-off to pay later.

These are some of the current impacts of the “serious cyber–attack” on the Bermuda Government IT system that occurred on Wednesday night.

In a statement issued this evening, Acting Premier Walter Roban said, “We can officially confirm that at approximately 10 pm on Wednesday, September 20th, the Bermuda Government IT System experienced a serious cyber–attack.

“An immediate investigation commenced by the Department of Information and Digital Technologies, and the matter was reported to the Bermuda Police Service who also commenced an investigation.

Video posted on social media by the Government media:

“The Cyber Security Committee was convened to review the matter. Cabinet and Government House were apprised of the situation and Government Departments commenced work on systems containment and took immediate action to mitigate any further impact on services.

“The Department of Information and Digital Technologies is working closely with internal and external resources on restoration and recovery efforts to restore full systems capabilities as quickly as possible.

“A fulsome review of our current service capabilities has been undertaken and I am confident in the Government’s ability to continue the delivery of services to the community. Albeit, we anticipate that our contingency plans to deliver services may result in some delays.

“I can confirm that the Government is open for business.

We are currently working on a full list of information on the Governments capabilities at this time.

  • I can advise that from a National Security perspective, our 911 system has not been disrupted and there are no expected delays in responses to emergencies.
  • There are no operation disruptions with Customs, Corrections, the Regiment or Police.
  • TCD can accept cash for 1 day permits, straight vehicle relicensing of cars, bikes, trucks and taxis.
  • TCD can manually process driving, riding and vehicle exams and write pass slips.
  • TCD is still receiving insurance details.
  • Private vehicles can still be relicensed online.
  • TCD can manually process driving, riding and vehicle exams and write pass slips.
  • Online transactions for private vehicles are working.
  • All Magistrates’ Court cases are proceeding as normal. Supreme Court is hearing limited matters which will be determined on a case by case basis.
  • Cashiers are processing payments manually.
  • Work permit applications submitted to the Department of Immigration drop box are collected throughout the day. The envelopes are being opening and the applications date stamped (as proof of receipt) and then placed on hold until we can process using our systems.
  • Processing at the airport is manual; all passengers must complete the arrivals card.
  • Consumer Affairs staff are accepting walk in and phone clients.
  • The Post Office is delivering letter mail. They are giving some customers their packages, with promise and sign-off to pay later. MyBermudaPost website still operational, customers can order and we can process manually
  • Regarding Public Works. Fueling systems, weighbridge system, Tynes Bay operation system, building security are operational. Most manual work can continue unhindered in the short-term. Site inspection and manual oversight of existing projects will continue.
  • Client contact will not be impacted at Child and Family Services.
  • There is minimal impact to the operation of schools and the Ministry of Education.

“I am very grateful for the ongoing assistance of our hard working public officers who in most cases are operating using manual processes.

“It is important note that the Government has ongoing contact with the Governor, and we are grateful for support from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, and National Crime Agency.

“In the hours since this event occurred, many have endured a sleepless night. The very heart of public services has been attacked and immobilized. Usually the term “resilience” is used to describe how we, as a community, respond to and recover from hurricanes. Make no mistake, this too is a storm and as we do after other storms, we will recover.

“Already, we have seen a unity of purpose, joining the public and private sectors to derive solutions to problems that would otherwise impact economic activity and our people’s ability to meet their commitments.

“The assistance offered has come from across the spectrum and it is heartening to know that at this challenging moment, we can count on the assistance of key partners to see our way through. I am confident that we will successfully weather this storm and emerge stronger on the other side.

“Governments, financial institutions, large corporations and even individual citizens have been violated in this way. Our priority is to return to normal operations as soon as possible and we are assembling the necessary resources to achieve that.

“The importance of government services to the community is magnified at times like this and we recognize how critical it is that we do all that we can to restore those services to the people of Bermuda. As we do so, I wish to assure everyone that this is an around-the-clock effort, and that all our energies are committed to restoring and to maintaining service delivery. Thank you.

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  1. Marine Life says:

    Meanwhile, vendors and Employees of Government, have not been paid this week, so money is low this week in circulation due to this Cyber Attack. Many people live week to week due to our terrible economy. We thank Bermuda and Russia for each playing their parts. Job well done along with willful negligence and hurt.

    • Hilarious! says:

      Good point. A suspicious person might believe that the Government itself might be to blame in order to delay payments due to low funds. But is anyone in Government really that smart to come up with such a plan? Interestingly, money is able to be collected manually and electronically on some websites but the outflow (payments) is not detailed.

      Where is the ransom demand from the “hackers?”

      BTW, this is not the first time the Government systems have been hacked, it is just the most disruptive and had to be publicly declared.

  2. Hilarious! says:

    The Cyber Security Committee? You mean The Do Nothing But Collect a Paycheck Committee.

  3. Hilarious! says:

    An inquiring reporter would ask the Government if even one Objective as outlined in BERMUDA CYBERSECURITY STRATEGY 2018 – 2022, was achieved.

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