Govt Update On Services Following Cyber-Attack

October 10, 2023 | 5 Comments

Emails for offices requiring critical services have been restored, emails for front facing customer services have been restored and the Government 295-5151 phone service is operational, the Government said as provided an latest update following the cyber-attack on September 21st.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Government provided an update on the restoration of services.

“Emails for offices requiring critical services have been restored. Additionally emails for front facing customer services have been restored.

“The Government switchboard, 295-5151 phone service is operational and most government phone services have been restored.

“As a reminder, the Transport Control Department’s [TCD] services have been fully restored, all systems to provide front office services are 100% operational, and riding and driving tests are being conducted. All three [3] testing facilities are open. Vehicles can be inspected for both annual and transfer exams.

“The Government cashiers on the first floor of the Government Administration building are only accepting cash and cheques at this time.

“Payroll and land tax can be paid online. Government’s E-1 accounting system is live. The Customs CAPS system is also functional and live. The cashiers at the Post Office are only accepting cash and cheques.

“Border Control Management system is expected live by later this week.

“The Department of Social Insurance office is open for people to make cash, cheques, and debit/credit card payments. Persons can also make online payments and bank transfers.

“The Department is able to assist with queries in-person or over the phone. All applications are being accepted; persons must submit them directly to the Department.

“GEHI is unable to issue claim payments to health service providers or claim reimbursements to policyholders at this time. This is a high priority for the Accountant General’s Office and an update on payments from the government will be issued in due course. Should you have any specific questions, please contact GEHI at 279-2600.

“The Department of Immigration [DOI] also provided an update on work permit applications. DOI can advise that all submissions, including those made before September 20th, are still being processed, and while documents cannot be printed, employers will be informed of any decision.

“Meanwhile, all work permit applications must continue to be submitted via DOI’s Dropbox on the first floor of the Government Administration Building, Parliament Street, Hamilton.

“Before submitting work permit applications, please make payments online to the DOI’s HSBC account and include proof of payment in the application. The payment information is available online at

“As it relates to the Department of Planning, full system restoration is expected this week.

“The Department of Labour confirmed that their office is open for walk-ins and queries via phone. The public is advised that investigations and tribunals are proceeding. Regrettably, the Workforce Development Job board remains inoperable, but efforts are ongoing to bring it back online.

Premier David Burt said, “The Government continues to make progress restoring our systems and services, and I want to express my deep appreciation to our committed public officers who continue to tirelessly work day and night on this restoration project. Their efforts not only ensured the uninterrupted provision of essential services to the public but are also strengthening and bolstering Bermuda’s government cyber defenses.”

“A full listing of other services that are operational or impacted can be found at”

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  1. Hilarious! says:

    But, but the Russians!

    When will we read that people in Government were fired for allowing this to happen? Can anyone even name the ICT’s CIO? (trick question)

    When are we going to read that the Government’s IT Cybersecurity Expert’s contract was terminated?

    • Beverley Connell says:

      “When are we going to read that the Government’s IT Cybersecurity Expert’s contract was terminated?”……. I think it is more like “when are we going to hear that government failed to implement their own IT cybersecurity Expert’s recommendations…..

      • Hilarious! says:

        But we do not know what those high-priced “recommendations” were, do we?
        - Implement software like Norton?
        - Never click on links in emails from unknown persons?
        - Never open or download attached files in emails from unknown persons?
        - Never click on a dancing cat or dancing dog video?

        A few years ago I informed the BPS (filed a report) and emailed the Premier that the Government’s e-mail system was hacked. The Premier never responded. It was a simple task for me to trace the hacker’s IP address in the fake email claiming to be the Premier back to an IP address in Pakistan. BPS could do nothing since the person was in a foreign country.

        At no charge, I put together a list for the BPS of simple security protocols to implement in conjunction with Bermuda’s Internet Service Providers to run up the chain of command. Said protocols would have significantly reduced hacking threats, spam, phishing, malware, ransomware, etc. It went nowhere.

        The bigger question is: How many times have Government IT systems been hacked and no one noticed?

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “When are we going to read that the Government’s IT Cybersecurity Expert’s contract was terminated?”

      What is this you speak of? People working for the Government being held accountable for their actions? Heresy!

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