Cycling: V.T. Construction Crit Results

October 2, 2023 | 0 Comments

Will Drea, Caitlin Conyers, Panzy Olander, Skye Ferguson, Makao Butterfield and Jens Drea all won their Division in the V.T Construction Crit in Hamilton.

Will Drea won the Adult A Division with a time of 29:58.511, Conyers clocked a time of 29:54.723 on her way to winning the Adult B Division, Kavin Smith finished second in 29:55.179, and Che’quan Richardson finished third clocking a time of 29:55.905.

Olander was the Adult C Division winner clocking a time of 29:17.826, Andrew Thomas was second in 30:00.747 and Gordon Smith finished third with a time of 30:00.893.

Ferguson claimed the Women’s title with a time of 30:50.610, while Butterfield won the 13-14 Youth Division race with a time of 16:55.118, Sanchez Smith was second in 16:57.926, and Lucas Bule finished third clocking 18:24.196.

Jens Drea won the 12 & Under junior Division clocking 16:55.477, with Sofia Leclerc finished second clocking 18:23.707.

The full 2023 V.T Construction Crit Results follows below [PDF here]:

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