Ahmani’s Cookie’s Available On BermudAir

November 28, 2023 | 3 Comments

Ahmani’s Cookie Company BermudAir November 2023Delicious chocolate chip cookies baked fresh by Ahmani’s Cookie Company are now available as part of the inflight food and beverage offerings with BermudAir.

The Bermudian-based airline has partnered with the local food supplier, run by local entrepreneur Ahmani Peets, who bakes cookies and cakes with his father, Anthony Peets.

Ahmani Peets launched his business out of his home on Collector’s Hill, Smiths, with the help of his father, and spends up to eight hours a day baking at a commercial kitchen in Hamilton.

His treats are available at 16 locations across the island, on BermudAir, and online.

A BermudAir spokesperson told Bernews: “From day one, working with as many local suppliers and service providers as possible has been a priority.

“That covers everything from graphic design to printing, onboard amenities to IT support in our office and on site at the airport. We want to be part of the local economy as a customer and a service provider.

“So, we were really happy to confirm Ahmani as one supplier among our very first group to launch with for our inflight food and beverage offerings.

“He and his dad, Anthony, are such a great team. Featuring a range of food available locally on the island is one element of our objective to reflect Bermuda and its hospitality as part of the travel experience on BermudAir.

“Ahmani is also an advocate for autism locally, being himself on the autism spectrum. So, we’re pleased to help him raise further awareness in this regard as well.”

The other local food and beverage suppliers for BermudAir are Butterfield and Vallis, Gosling’s, L’Artisan Boulangerie and Bermuda Craft Brewery.

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  1. Greg says:

    I flew with Bermudair last week and was told in advance breakfast would be served, so ate nothing.

    They served one croissant, I said ‘is that it?’ Yes but they are from Artisan, like I care. ‘Can I have another?’ no, one each.

    Really easy to fix and don’t be selling this as something amazing, its just a cookie and a croissant. hAnd the coffee took 45 mins. First rule at breakfast, get the coffee out.

    Just sayin, want to succeed, but little details are easily fixed.

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