BSoA To Open Three Art Exhibitions On Nov 17

November 9, 2023 | 0 Comments

Three art exhibitions, featuring works by Charles Harrop-Griffiths, Jessica Mapstone, and Sue Stephenson, are set to open on Friday, November 17 at the Bermuda Society of Arts.

A spokesperson said, “Onion Gallery: ‘Signs of Life,’ an exhibition by British Artist Charles Harrop-Griffiths aims to display the mundane signs and snapshots of life. Each composition is originally taken as a photograph and painted or engraved on aluminum sheet; and comes with an accompanying digital edition viewable in AR. The photos were taken in Bermuda, Florence, London, New York and Athens in 2023.

“None of the works include any people, and instead focus on the structures around us, both natural and man-made. These collisions of worlds, where two meet has been an ongoing symbol in Charles’s work with an aim of promoting balance and co-existence between opposing forces. Charles has previously focused his work on the digital world and its impacts on modern society.

“Although these ideas are still hinted in places, especially through the use of AR and projection in the exhibition, it is not the soul focus of this show. These works are simple, they are natural and architectural landscapes. ‘Snapshots’, painted in acrylic / ink and finished with metal engraving.

“Charles Harrop-Griffiths b.1991, is an artist from London. His work sits on the edge of a digital and physical workflow. He produces paintings, drawings, prints, 3D environments [AR/VR/XR] and many other digital outputs, 3D printing, animations, CGIs. Charles studied Art History, University of Nottingham, and an MA Fine Art, University of the Arts London. He has a background working in architecture and film, both of which still inspire much of his work. Charles is currently residing and working in his studio in Bermuda.

“Studio A: ‘Island Palette,’ an exhibition by Jessica Mapstone.”

Ms. Mapstone said, “I am a visual artist working with acrylic and oils. My creative process is heavily influenced by my surroundings and the countries I have had the opportunity to visit and live in. As a South African, I had the privilege of growing up around incredible cultures and spectacular wildlife which I believe was the origin of my art journey.

“My paintings are often abstract, but they are always grounded in reality. I enjoy the challenge of taking elements from the outside world and simplifying them into the backgrounds of my works. The foregrounds, often animals, reflect and feelings or the mood I am in. The curious subjects provide a perspective to the work when you look at it through their eyes.

“I believe that nature has the power to heal and inspire us. My goal is to create art that reminds people of the beauty of all that surrounds us and encourages them to protect it as it protects humanity in so many inspiring ways.

“In this exhibit, I explore the colours and beauty of Bermuda. I was inspired by the unique creatures that call Bermuda home.

“Whether you live here or just visited once, my hope is that my paintings will transport individuals to Bermuda and remind them of the beauty that once surrounded them and encourage those who are still here to cherish it.”

The spokesperson said, “‘Dream a Little Dream’ by artist Sue Stephenson.

Ms. Stephenson said, “This came to fruition as I was painting the different pieces, I almost go into a dream state as the paint flows and looking at them once finished the whimsical nature of the pieces can be interpreted in so many different ways. I hope that when you look at these paintings, you will dream a little yourself and interpret them in your own special way.”

The spokesperson said, “Her latest show is pure abstract, another field Sue has moved into, experimenting with different colour pallets, and textures to create her pieces. Some are pure pallet knife, some are just brush and some are a mix of both.”

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