Netball: BNA Youth & Senior Division Results

November 26, 2023 | 0 Comments

Bermuda Netball Association action resumed this weekend, with matches taking place in all for divisions.

Under 11 Division

The NPS Hot Steppers Best Attacker was Gabrielle Babon, while the Best Defender was Shavion Tanner and their MVP was Tamirra Richardson.

The Phoenix Sparks Best Attacker was Azariah Scott, the Best Defender was Elan Samuels, with Kenzi McCrary named as the MVP.

Dandy Stars Best Attacker and MVP was Catelaya McCallan, with Ra’mya Robinson named the Best Defender.

The Storm Best Attacker was Eliana Trott, while the Best Defender was Avery Paiva-Lowe, and the MVP was Savanah Hayward.

Under 14 Division

The Rangers defeated the Storm Thunder 21 – 4, E’rynn Paynter led the Rangers with 20 goals, Cindy Darrell added a goal, Jade Simons was named the Best Attacker, the Best Defender was Aniyah Ming, with Ja’Miyah Johnston named the MVP. Storm Thunder Best Attacker Hailey Odouri scored all 4 goals, the Best Defender was Priya Dill, with Nala Richardson named the MVP.

The Phoenix Embers defeated the North Village Lady Rams 23 – 0, Amerah Richardson-Swan the Phoenix Best Attack led the team with 8 goals, Callia Joell added 7 goals, with Za’Ryah Holman, and Zyari Lawrence both scored 3 goals, while Best defender Kree Holdipp scored 2 goals, and Shiloh Simmons was named the teams MVP. Xen Bourne was the North Village Lady Rams Best Attacker, while the Best Defender was Anya Burns and the MVP was Kse Jennings.

Under 17 Division

The Storm and Phoenix Fire battled to a 29 – 29 draw, Best Attacker Rihanna Reddicks led the Storm with 15 goals, Jaelyn Rewan-Lambert added 7 goals, while Jamir Hatherly scored 5 goals, and Jazya Brimmer-Peets added 2 goals, Sa’Ray Beach was the Best Defender, and Rayna Abbott was named the MVP. Kammie Mills scored 10 goals to lead the Phoenix Fire, Mahkaylie Smith chipped in with 9 goals, Best Attacker Hailey Trott added 8 goals and Sydney Santos scored twice. Uni Simmons was the Best Defender, and Sanaa Grant was the MVP.

The match between the North Village Lady Rams, and Dandy Stars ended 43 – 43. Best Attacker Ra’eesah Robinson led the North Village Lady Rams with 25 goals, J’Zari Zuill-Dillas added 18 goals. Zipporah Grant was named the best Defender, with J’Zari Zuill-Dillas named the MVP. MVP for the Dandy Stars Sioma Rudo led them in scoring with 33 goals, Moriah Bridgewater added 10 goals, Chiaje Rudo was named the best Attacker, while Zen Joseph was named the Best Defender.

Seniors Division

The Tigers defeated St. George’s 39 – 19, Jahkenya Trott led the Tigers to victory with 23 goals, Jahtuere Trott added 16 goals, Kaylee Lima was named the Best Attacker, the Best Defender was Jordyn Ming and the MVP was Diara Benjamin. St. George’s were led in scoring by MVP NikitaTrott who had 12 goals, Amali Powell added 5 goals, Best Defender Sonja Townsend scored twice with Hailey Smith was the Best Attacker.

The Storm defeated the Docksiders 60 – 10, Best Attacker Rihann Reddicks led the Storm with 47 goals, Zakiyah Durham added 8, goals, and Nabiilah Nasir scored 5 goals. Olivia Bugg led the Docksiders with 4 goals, Best Attacker Alicia Charm, and MVP Georgia Small both scored 3 goals each, with Charlotte Donnelly named the Best Defender.

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